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for The Huntsman of Red V2

9/16/2018 c2 ObscureAbsurdity
So much potential! Enjoyed reading, thanks for writing
9/15/2018 c2 HateReborn27
This story is beautiful. Is well written and well pace. And the cherry on top it gives a clear understanding of the characters view point.
9/14/2018 c2 psp reader
Damn it chibi baby Ruby! Young Yang too! More please, rhanks
9/14/2018 c2 Parks98
So wait this is before Qrow was really part of Ozpins little group? Huh and here I thought that the reason Raven left was because she almost died on a mission Oz sent her and thus left (thus leaving Tai). Always thought that meant both she and Qrow got their bird transformation powers together.
9/14/2018 c2 4Hunter of Entities
Frustration, I just want read more of this.
9/14/2018 c2 guest
which story is next?
9/14/2018 c2 A Guest
An interesting and amazing chapter.
9/14/2018 c2 2The Last Rising Of The Phoenix
Interesting new take. Can't wait to read more.
9/14/2018 c2 BRD man
At the end there: "saved his nephews"? Unless he is delusional it should be nieces.
Anyway, thanks for the chapter.
9/14/2018 c2 An Indulgent Fellow
It does please me that we don't have infants (especially one Ruby of the Rose/Xiao lineage) toying with, what is arguably, the power of God, to summon spirits of Fate. Despite writing but two chapters, you have already impressed me with the sincere emotions that fledgling Ruby displayed to her "Hero." That is to say, your description of childhood innocence is not the only aspect I appreciate in this young story. I look forward to read the downfall of Archer and the vindication of Ruby Rose.
9/14/2018 c2 Non-Euclidean
...His nephews? Not nieces?
9/14/2018 c2 37kyugan
Lol, and so Ruby's Hero Worship is established.
9/14/2018 c2 Lovely
Thanks for the chapter!
9/14/2018 c2 Guest
Ruby kindsa annoys me in most Fate / RWBY crossovers cause every author feels the need to take her interest in weapons and give her some resonance with UBW which is stupid as fuck
9/14/2018 c2 2sleipnir34
First off, great chapter. second, it's nieces not nephews at the end there. Nephews are boys, Nieces are girls.
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