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for The Huntsman of Red V2

3/18 c54 5all about party and crazy
Wow Nora is a superpowered Karen. Uncool, but understandable.
3/18 c54 ShuKirisaki
Gahdayum we're at the climax ladies and gents
3/18 c53 RabbitHaremLover24
Summer managed to get Fragranch. Ruby is really trying her best to make sure that Yang keeps out of current affairs as much as possible. Good call. Though that's gonna distance the siblings. Meanwhile Raven left already to protect her tribe from Cursed Arm. Let's hope she will survives. And the drama continues with Yang's team losing to Cardin's. Lol. Hopefully the harem grows for my boi Shirou with Weiss, Blake, and Yang getting in there. :) That being said great chapter, gonna read the latest one and finally return to Sword Order since I've been off reading that fic due to being piled up with life and other stories. :)
3/18 c54 Ezylryb
Great chapter
3/18 c54 Guest
So anybody waiting for Oscar to somehow get pulled in this cause it would be hilarious if he somehow is a main piece in this with him having magic i think
3/18 c54 Guest
So 3 professors down damn this is gonna be interesting
3/17 c54 ArguableReader
Zabanya? Last I checked, it was Zabaniya?
3/17 c54 bystanderwitnessing
... why do I feel this gonna end up what Ruby read in the book rather than the current event?
3/17 c54 Reinhard van Astrea
Damn the tension is sky high
3/17 c54 2Armedlord 2.0
You just have to pity Ruby here...she's basically the unknowing mole because Archer/Shirou is playing both sides to his desired plans.

...And it really shows how bad Jaune is when panicking and under pressure...he kept the banner in its passive state when he full well knew from Archer's lessons that he could do more with it. It's going to hit him like a tank just what he could have prevented at the time.

I also felt like the teachers held the idiot ball as apparently they didn't take to the lessons that they had a Hero's Noble Phantasm on their side that could have countered both the 'Grimm' and prevent some heart crushing action.

Still, on the 'bright' side, this event will instill the fact that this is a whole new ballgame and they need to learn fast to avoid a called game.
3/17 c54 Mugen-Muse
Yeah... Ruby knows something she shouldn't, and Shirou doesn't bother to ask how? One would think that he already has enough evidence to correctly conclude that Ruby has some way of divining the future. Granted, Shirou can't read the book that Ruby and Summer can use to read the future, but he could still observe them as they learn things. Even if Shirou has to be careful with how he asks his questions, he could still learn more than by staying silent on the matter.

As for Ruby and Summer, they clearly lack whatever charisma and respect that has allowed Ozpin to lead other people even when they know he doesn't tell them everything. They have to rely on their foreknowledge which Shirou clearly doesn't know about. Never mind the fact that how they've been acting on such knowledge seems to change things like some kind of observer effect.

Honestly, the lack of proper communication is really frustrating. Good job if that was the plan.
3/17 c54 Boogeymen
whyyyyyyyyy dis cliffhanger!
the new chapter is hype!
can't wait for the new update!
3/17 c54 RoyalTwinFangs
Very nice chapter
3/17 c54 Franklen165
It’s just heart destruction. Nothing a little bit of Overcharged Avalon can’t handle
3/17 c54 2Argus456
I almost thought that they're legitimately dead before I remembered the deal Archer made with Salem.

Now to see how Ozpin will deal with the fact that he had just lost three of his teachers as well as a good number of 1st years.

Not to mention that any survivors that Jaune didn't get to in time will blame him for not rescuing their team instead though the poor boy will likely blame himself the most. I'm betting that Archer and Shirou are probably trying to mold him into a hero with this 'tragedy'

As for Ruby and Summer...they might realize that by changing things in the book, things will obviously deviate but given the results here, will they continue or will the fear of their actions escalating things paralyze them from doing anything at all.
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