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for The Huntsman of Red V2

5/22 c65 JayeWrite
Great chapter but 2 questions if archer if facing "cursed arm" where was shirou? And also if shirou and archer are basically 1 servant with a split saint graph doesn't that mean both will be summoned?
5/22 c65 RoyalTwinFangs
Love this chapter.
5/22 c65 8Jebest4781
Looking great with how this is turning out.
5/22 c65 keybladelight
Well Tim for shirou to play the proper servant this time with her master.
5/22 c65 Truly Duo
...a true hero and ally of justice...

If only Ruby knew the bastard causing all of this IS her beloved hero. Hoping Shirou gets his ass whooped eventually for some of the crap he's pulled.
5/22 c31 13IsekaIBoi
Archer, you play to much. ill her.
5/19 c64 iDreamAlot
Peak, keep er goin
5/5 c54 Guest
Assassin Emiya posing as Cursed Arm. Idea for the Emiya splits everytime he uses a new class.
5/4 c64 Guest
I think this is really getting out hand. I appreciate with how you wrote this version of Shirou but it is honestly getting tiresome seeing how callous he is with how much emotional and mental trauma he is inflicting on everyone and justifying with how nobody has died so far. It is getting hard to read. A part of me hope Zelretch sends another heroic spirit on Remnant or someone from his old life like Rin to beat some sense into Shirou and calls out on his bullshit because if giving hints on the future isn't enough to get through Shirou's head how screwed his entire plan is. Like bro thinks just because he is uncontested in magic so far, he can get away with doing this shit.
4/30 c1 27JensenDaniels32
So what, he dies? Then why am I even here?
4/25 c63 Guest
Didn't the Wyvern of already die
4/18 c64 Lazy Servant
Thanks for the chapters.
Sorry for the poor review.
4/17 c64 49Spiritblade
Oh, it's on now! The hype gets real!
4/11 c64 ledesmajoaquin418
Entonces jaune puede usar libremente el noble fantasma?
4/10 c64 25NewMystery356
All caught up. Wonder what Ruby will do now that her Future Diary has been upended…
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