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for The Huntsman of Red V2

3/17 c54 Bucio
Ufff, this chapter had its entertaining and almost funny moments, but the end, I hope Glynda survives, because in addition to Jaune being guilty, for the students he couldn't save, Ruby could feel guilty because if she and Shirou had stayed, none of that would have passed

That, or it's all an illusion created by Emerald, a little more intense, due to the frustration of thinking that Archer is with Yang.

Apart from hoping that Shirou, I would say, notices the stress that this whole situation is causing in HIS Master (who has knowledge of the future, focused on stopping his plans), but if he let her suffer such pain (kick in the crotch, level of intensity that a man would feel), due to said plans, this is not going to end well, I mean, he save her, take care of her and protect her since she was a child, and then, for the greater good, do something different?

This is a Shirou, but before that, he is an Archer, who in UBW, and Heaven's Feel (if I remember correctly) did quite questionable things, to the point of betraying Rin, and while this Shirou, he no longer has the same goal and obsession, his actions, even if well-intentioned, the consequences may not be as expected, considering Ruby's "diary"

Even if, I hope all of them can have a good or happy ending.

Good luck
3/17 c54 26Cyricist001
Let's see hoe our magician does this disappearing act.
3/17 c54 2HellcatAkane
no deaths was their agreement,so i don't think glyinda will die.

please don't kill her.
3/17 c54 4ProfesorGoblitz
….did literally everyone forget the fact that whoever shirou “kills” literally get sent to another dimension? At least I think that’s a thing two chapters back or so.

Anyway, even if the heart of crushed…Glynda wouodnt be dead, she’ll literally just be placed in that dimension as shirou doesn’t have that noble phantasm
3/17 c54 Deadkings
hoooo! baby nice can't wait for next chap!
3/17 c54 Lechuzape
NOOOOO need more now! AHHHHHH!
3/17 c54 Zepolmoon
Damn Archer here being so merciless, love it. Poor students, they’re sacrifice will not be forgotten. Sucks for the teachers as they failed to save them as well as themselves.
3/17 c1 ReadingReaderLoveToRead
Guys, it's not an extra split from Shirou. It's still Archer. We know this from the fact that he still has that Grimm lended to him by Salem. Also, that fake Zabaniya activation was probably just a play by him in order to sell it, Shirou probably already told him to do it via their connection, then he'll just swoop in defeat Cursed Arm as a part of their play. Then, Archer's Grimm sidekick will also be killed and the student freed.

Happy ending! Yayyy!

But, understandably, that's not going to happen. Now, hear me out, this is just me hypothesizing. Coincidentally enough, both Archer and Shirou got another villain they can use since Cursed Arm will be defeated. And who is that? Cinder! Think about. This time around, all the series known professors are out of Beacon. Pretty much a big convenient moment to use it as an excuse as to break her out. At least, I think so.

Also, I wonder who's the one mascarading as Archer back at Beacon.
3/17 c54 rogue1Bois
you are evil AUTHOR-kun... so very evil... please let Shirou save her... shes one of the few LIKEABLE characters...
3/17 c54 38Solaire38
Thank you for the great chapter, keep up the good work!
3/17 c54 The Rupture
F**k you bro, update this one.
3/17 c54 PasiveNox
Oooooooh that end anyway great wonderful chapter
3/17 c54 Le'million
there's no way she is dead, i ain't believing it! but the still the suspense is going to kill me at this rate.
3/17 c54 JustDusty
I'm holding out hope that something truly interesting is about to happen. I'm not sure if this is still Archer in disguise, but I'll be optimistic and hope that this guy is the real deal.
3/17 c54 TehStorm

This was a spectacular chapter! I can't wait to see what will happen next!
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