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for The Huntsman of Red V2

3/3 c63 4ObeRun
Thanks for the update! To correct you though, it's not Tean STQR, but Team STRQ.
3/3 c63 Guest
This is so contrived. The story could have ended more than a dozen chapters ago with Shirou killing Salem but instead you decided to write this nonsensical mess.
3/3 c63 TimeDiver
While I am still annoyed with the sheer hubris that Shirou and Archer have demonstrated in their assumption(s)* that Salem will play her role without deviation, I have enjoyed Summer pulling an Avengers Assemble moment.

* - What the hell, you two? What's this development with Amber? Giving her powers to a still thoroughly self-absorbed/self-centered Cinder?

I re-iterate; qualifying as a Heroic Spirit while still clinging to ideal of seigi no mikata has only enabled among the very worst of Emiya Shirou's tendencies.

Zelretch judged the (could-have-been) aspiring seigi no mikata Makiri Zolgen and Justeaze von Einzbern, for all their (initially) noble ideal of bringing about a genuine utopia, as fundamentally evil after all.
3/3 c63 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful wonderful
3/3 c63 8Jebest4781
Fun entry with how this was done here. Can't wait for more when possible.
3/3 c63 Ezylryb
Great chapter
2/21 c43 Guest
Yang and Blake are the only ones that paired based on canon.
2/21 c27 Guest
It is creative when authors write the early Destruction of the Wyvern Grimm of
2/3 c62 Sture050
Plz dont abandone i need to know the rest
2/2 c62 maik01
Good chapter, I liked it a lot
1/26 c62 codeninja676
And despite all my nitpicking stuff has been playing out in an enjoyable fashion I truly do like how to things I complained about were danced into interesting places and I hope the rest of the story keeps this up.
1/26 c40 codeninja676
I liked where the story was going earlier but the contrived methods that keep being used to create misunderstandings and cause drama is grating, I'm not against Yang gaining maiden powers and becoming pawns earlier in the game I'm just against her gaining them now for nothing else than maximum drama sure maybe I'm speaking too soon but I'm reviewing as I read the story and it doesn't feel right.

Another thing is the diary existing yet changing nothing in any meaningful way making it a near useless plot device made even more useless by Ruby constantly being made to be extremely immature and incompetent despite her experiences which should have believably changed her to be more capable of at least making herself understood when needed at this point in her life since she's about the same age as she was in the beginning of volume 1.
1/26 c37 codeninja676
Okay so Archer realized she wants to die...why is he disengaging and not killing her. I get it's because of Plot but even an Emiya morally aligned to Shirou would still take the shot or at least promise to after asking her for her story.
1/25 c31 codeninja676
Okay Cinder escaping here felt contrived to point that it's not believable without some sort of divine interference, that a random really dumb kid would just appear as soon as she was pinned down feels really out of place. I get that's she's very plot relevant so keeping her around is for the best but I don't like the blatant plot armor in the form of deux ex dumbass child.
1/23 c62 2BurningWhiteRose99
SSSN have my sympathies for whats about to happen
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