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for The Huntsman of Red V2

4/7 c64 Omni Fate lover
Grand Dungeon again. Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
4/7 c64 Nine To One
The stage is set, the actors ready. Now its just a matter of how well Archer can play his part
4/7 c64 8Jebest4781
Pretty good on how this went here. Keep up the good work.
4/7 c63 Guest
WTF new Grand Dungeon again, what about Sword Order, Alternative, Stay Cooking, Chaldea Alternative Records ?.
4/7 c64 AidenJacksonSmithDSBB
And so it begins
4/7 c64 3HellcatAkane
4/6 c1 Guest
Me Gusta ¿algui alguien hizo visulisacion de este fanfic?
4/2 c63 sir Gigiuaswattiuas
so...this story was good for me until chapter 27 hen its just wemt down hill. i feel like its too much of a deviation from the strory but also not how emiya would act ya know. but thats just my opinion
3/22 c63 DrackoXylnthian
Man, I hope that at some point you can continue the story because it is one of my favorites, and one of the best I have found in a long time.
3/21 c63 Minato
Lol am i the only one that has no idea what's even going on anymore
3/17 c22 MarkHasSeenSomeShit
I am a natural hater of Jaune, and as such, I am biting my nails in denial right now
3/10 c63 3Fyr RedNight
Brillant work on the last couple of chapters!

I just loved that bit at the end, assemble indeed.
3/8 c63 Guest
Can’t wait to see tai react.
3/8 c3 6KingJGamer
Know what, the thing that turned me off to this story was that I thought this would be another Shiro Isekai rather than a Servants in remnant story because of the Shiro tag rather than the Archer or EMIYA tag.
3/8 c1 KingJGamer
Just read this first chapter, already have high hopes, I do hope to see other servants be summoned in the future chapters.
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