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for The Huntsman of Red V2

3/6 c63 ianlebronze
3/5 c63 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
3/5 c63 Guest
Man people already forgot that shirou or archer aren't actually killing people, but just making it looks like they are.
3/5 c63 ledesmajoaquin418
Unirse contra un enemigo común es la única forma en la que la humanidad se unirá
3/4 c63 enjin123z
I have long since lost sense of what Shirou's even doing. Like... what? Why the hell did he just kill Amber? I don't even get what his goal is anymore.
3/4 c63 1Fate-RWBY ODST
Did Taiyang just jump out the window in a hurry?! Hehehe. While the twins are somewhat calm, Tai goes off the handle to get ready.
3/4 c63 JustAFool
"Now you do yours and arrange for the dragon buried beneath a mountain." Didn't they kill the dragon back in the Pride of Vale arc? ...Well it isn't like there could not be another dragon in one of the mountains anyway. Kudos.
3/4 c63 aoiishi
Man... All I can say is that this is a stupid development. Really had to somehow shoehorn in Cinder still getting ber's Maiden power huh? This is certainly OOC for him to go grab some nice girl, take her power away, and give it to a self absorbed murderer just for his own plans. He definitely has other ways like giving a magic sword or something equivalent. Here he is involving innocent's just to try to do something, permanently depriving them of their power. Loved this story for a while, but it's been on a steady decline with Emiya's plan developing.
3/4 c63 JayeWrite
I get that with any fanfic characters are going to act ooc but what archer and shirou did to Amber feels more like dealing with EMIYA and his alter.

The events if remnant must really be getting to him.
3/4 c63 RoyalTwinFangs
Very nice chapter here.
3/4 c63 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
great chapter
3/4 c63 NonlinearWriter
Always love this story. How Shirou is going to justify the destruction and deaths that Cinder is going to bring about now will be interesting to see.

Got to wonder if Roman was supposed to find that weapon on purpose or not, bc it would be funny if it's too soon and it happened bc of Summer's paperwork.

The many moving parts of characters and plots are always fun to see and reading so much of it happen during the Festival as everyone tries to deal with things coming out of no where at them.

Thanks for the chapter, can't wait for the next one and hope you're staying safe.
3/4 c63 Average crackhead
3/4 c63 coolkid0806
That last bit was amazing! I have to ask, what weapon was Shirou using to get the maiden powers from Amber? That's straight up manipulation of a soul, I'm not aware of any wealon with the ability to cut through PART of a person's soul, and he doesn't have the 3rd magic.
3/4 c63 Temsen
Looks like Shirou went all in with the plan? Whatever it is.
Guess it'll either succeed and be utterly brilliant or fail and be completely retarded.

And jeez, everyone here kinda fails at any form of communication, lol.
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