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for The Huntsman of Red V2

3/4 c63 Dasgun
3/4 c63 ramul
3/4 c63 1Nai Darkor
Poor, Roman gets overworked.
3/4 c63 AegirHardlette
eyo Tai coming for his wife
3/3 c63 keybladelight
Can wait to see summer call team STRQ since summer as a noble phantasm so is cinder and Roman when will Excalibur make is shinning moments or Shirou telling the in his next class the legend of king Arthur.
3/3 c63 AidenJacksonSmithDSBB
Damn it now the wait once more
3/3 c63 kusanagi29
Uff se acerca un evento MUY grande al parecer...las cosas se pondrán intensas.

Buen capitulo señor autor.
3/3 c63 4ObeRun
Thanks for the update! To correct you though, it's not Tean STQR, but Team STRQ.
3/3 c63 Guest
This is so contrived. The story could have ended more than a dozen chapters ago with Shirou killing Salem but instead you decided to write this nonsensical mess.
3/3 c63 TimeDiver
While I am still annoyed with the sheer hubris that Shirou and Archer have demonstrated in their assumption(s)* that Salem will play her role without deviation, I have enjoyed Summer pulling an Avengers Assemble moment.

* - What the hell, you two? What's this development with Amber? Giving her powers to a still thoroughly self-absorbed/self-centered Cinder?

I re-iterate; qualifying as a Heroic Spirit while still clinging to ideal of seigi no mikata has only enabled among the very worst of Emiya Shirou's tendencies.

Zelretch judged the (could-have-been) aspiring seigi no mikata Makiri Zolgen and Justeaze von Einzbern, for all their (initially) noble ideal of bringing about a genuine utopia, as fundamentally evil after all.
3/3 c63 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful wonderful
3/3 c63 8Jebest4781
Fun entry with how this was done here. Can't wait for more when possible.
3/3 c63 Ezylryb
Great chapter
2/21 c43 Guest
Yang and Blake are the only ones that paired based on canon.
2/21 c27 Guest
It is creative when authors write the early Destruction of the Wyvern Grimm of
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