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4/5/2019 c1 136WargishBoromirFan
These "self-insert" characters are just OCs that the author didn't pick names for, if we're being honest, and not only are interactive Insert Name Here fics against site rules, but they also turn away more readers than fully developed original characters. Audience members can relate better to someone different than themselves than to unfinished work. It just looks like lazy and rushed libel, when it doesn't need to be that way if the author is willing to do the minimum of picking names.

Other than that, there's nothing wrong with a dialogue-heavy format, but it adds to the impression of a rushed and shallow scene when we don't get much detail about what's happening or what the characters are thinking about it. It's all right as long as you just name your OCs, but just a little food for thought if you want to kick your work up to the next level and get more positive feedback. Good luck.

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