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18h c38 Idea Guy
So awesome! This was another great chapter. I'm really excited to see how this war will end. Not only that, but see how epic Origashaku-sama's battle with goddess-empowered Celestine will be. I noticed some very interesting things in this one chapter alone, I'm curious about what happens next.

I'm also curious about what will be next after Naruto and Origashaku-sama conquer Eostia and the Elemental Nations. Will they travel to other worlds? Will they conquer the Kingdom Hearts, "Heart of All Worlds" and seize every world for the Dark Elf Uzu Empire?! Oh, I can't wait for more of this awesome story.
5/7 c36 DainBramagedMoFo
I'm a vanilla lover. Every dark hentai, eroge, comic, etc... needs OP saviour or role reversal treatment.
Dark elves are always someone's tools. Elven societies stagnate to become slaves. Thalmor are some of the worst elves and deserve being toyed with. Thanks, I'm enjoying your stories. Be well mofo.
5/7 c38 Guest
i'm confused since the goddess was the one who told celestine chapters ago that they stood no chance in stopping the future of being naurto's bitch why are they even trying after all celestine trusted everything her goddess told her before she was told that so why is thisthe one time she does not beleave her goddess
5/7 c38 Guest
some hero of justice fighting someone who is knocked up
5/7 c38 Guest
the zero system really every chapter you write for this makes less and less sense.
5/7 c38 SPark681
Hmm, soon Celestine will bow to Origa anyways keep up the great work!
5/7 c38 darth56
can't wait for the next chapter this has been a great story to read so soon they will be back and then the nations and konaha thank you for your hard work on all of your storys so again thanks
5/7 c38 Ryu wolf
Awesome job with this chapter
5/7 c38 angels sabbath
IT's getting really good can't wait to read more soon
5/7 c38 101VFSNAKE
Awesome! Itachi seems to have found two new wives for himself. And the army of Anubis is gaining ground. Long love naruto and his future empire.
5/7 c38 Stratos263
What an idiot you are celestine
5/7 c38 4Monster King
5/7 c38 Dasgun
5/7 c38 60Perseus12
Great chapter as always! *Thumbs UP!*
4/29 c37 Kaiju Avenger
AWESOME! I loved this whole chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next in this great battle and Eostia's future.

I wonder what Oboro's fate will be after this is over?
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