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6/14 c1 Guest
You’re back!
6/13 c18 Guest
I really really hope this story gets finished and just saw your update and got excited
Poor Charlie
Poor Casey and Derek

I’m really loving all the past due conversations
I hope there is a Nora/Casey one and of course more D/C
4/25 c19 1kristen12386
I’m so happy you updated! Can’t wait for more and get more pieces of the puzzle.
4/3 c1 SleeplesslittleLamb
I love this! it's so wonderfully well written and I can't wait to read your next update!
2/3 c19 38hyper13
I'm so pleased to see this updated!
1/31 c19 Guest
Yay you updated omg thanks you

I feel so sad for Casey, D and their poor baby :(
1/26 c19 3MarySBarros
So happy about this update! :D
1/10 c19 itsi3
I reread the whole thing! It's Amazing!
So excited that you updated! I hope you and your kiddos are well!
1/6 c19 Guest
So great to have you back! Thanks for updating this amazing story
1/6 c19 Lucy
So happy to see a new chapter! Thanks for coming Back!
1/6 c19 M
Welcome back!
1/6 c19 Guest
Welcome back! Thanks for updating! I'm so thrilled to see you will continue this amazing story!
1/6 c19 Lucy
I'm so excited to see you back!
I love so much this story
This was an amazing chapter!

Thanks for coming back, please keep writing! ️
1/5 c19 Lucy
So glad to see you back!

I love this story!

Thanks for the update please keep writing!

Best wishes!
1/5 c1 Guest
So happy to see you back!

I'm so thrilled!

Please keep writing this story its amazing!

I'm a big fan of your work!
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