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11/9 c4 VincentFS
A mystery speedster that has frost breath like a kryptonian and is nearly as fast as Barry? Wow, you aren’t subtle at all. Barry’s kid from the future plot, huh?

You should write for CW. Their ideas and writing boards are dull as shit, too. You’d fit right in.
4/22 c10 1whiteabyss89
I like this. I’m going to follow on the off chance you update.
4/14 c10 Chloe
This was a great story, shame it was abandoned
4/3 c10 LordLuciferTheMaou
At least let us see Barry destroy Savitar
3/20 c10 MasterOfDeath7
This is so good. A shame you don’t want to continue it. Insanely OP Barry stories are so rare…
1/19 c1 Christmas Party
the Aftermath of Elena's Arrival at Central City .

Elena Gilbert Teamed up with team Flash and Team Arrow with Team Supergirl

and Team Legends for the biggest Christmas Charity Event

as for Caitiln Snow she made an Cure for Vamprism for Elena to take

when Caitiln made an Blood Sample for Elena and Katherine

because Katherine was dying and Katherine's body was Disscating into dust
8/18/2022 c10 Batmanwolf738
Please update
6/3/2022 c1 mui goku
please update
4/18/2022 c8 2Garfield.M.Logan
Hi ik I'm super late to the reply but I wanted to say this was awesome reading your work, it's been a great motivator for me to keep working on my own stuff and as pertaining to your question I definitely would love to see a new season of your work. It would be awesome.
4/14/2022 c1 2hanabatake
Just finished reading the first chapter. It was good (a few cringe moments here and there in the true spirit a a cw show, it sometimes felt rushed and forced on the readers but I got to finish it) I know it's been a while since you've written this I'm sure I'll see improvement in the next chapters but if you plan on revisiting this in the future here is a little suggestion: first don't rush the meeting with superman Barry could be confused and desoriented and perhaps experiencing some forme of temporary memory loss, Clark would be inclined to help him and integrate as he gets to know him and appreciate his kind nature ? Second since he doesn't remember everything clearly he doesn't remember iris well and their connection is weaker witch gives him time to get attached to kara witch you should be a little more subtle maybe... And the final fight, Barry is still human. He does have accelerated healing but should've felt the hurt a bit more than to be able to laugh it off in the end.
These are my "constructive criticism" hope you find them useful if not it's okay
Keep up the good work
2/23/2022 c10 mui goku
please update
1/10/2022 c10 Guest
welcome back this is one of the best stories i have read about flash and supergirl its a shame i will not follow much more but its great to have you back please follow it soon
12/20/2021 c2 mystpurge
honestly its very stupid of him to not tell kara about his powers.
11/25/2021 c10 BlindPassenger
Wow, it's great to see you back here. I liked this Story and it was refreshing to see this Barry, especially considering how lame CW Canon Barry has become as a character even after 7 seasons. I would be a bit sad if you would leave that Story behind soon since there is so much potential here and stuff to resolve but I understand that writing without Inspiration is problematic. Anyway, thanks for the update.
11/25/2021 c10 Rick
Damn I love this story. I would love to see more of it!
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