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for Seals are Easy, People are Hard

5/10 c9 TheLightYagami
Muahahahaha I love this part. So technically naruto don't nothing wrong since inoichi "request" naruto to help his wife right? Hahaha suck to be inoichi right now.
5/8 c23 2TheNightShinobi
Followed and favorited, very nicely done.
5/8 c20 TheNightShinobi
This is super good. Well above standard fare. Congratulations on your achievement and many thanks for sharing.
5/8 c16 TheLightYagami
I can see potential harem like Haku, Hinata, Ino, Tenten, Temari. Hope you can add someone like yugito and samui
5/7 c23 Festus Krex
I like most of the chapter but the ANBU portions are kinda...meh. I dunno if it is intentional or not but Dragon is coming off as more and more of a douche and less like a proper ANBU Commander.
5/5 c23 myafroatemydog
I’m sad I finished it I can’t wait for the next t chapter
5/5 c9 Tyrese
not a professional writer my ass. this is peak! PEAK I tell you!
5/5 c1 Tyrese
Yoooooo hold on. this entire story. the very concept of its creation started from the idea of a shinobi fitbit?! Lmao
5/4 c10 myafroatemydog
I love this fic
5/4 c20 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Daaaw. Yami, instead of being all of his negative emotions, is basically his childhood innocence that was in essence, repressed by what the village had done.
5/3 c23 GibbsM07
is this dead? :(
5/2 c23 Jaacra
Not sure if 4 girls is still the max for your Harem, I do believe it was stated in chapter 1? Not sure.
But gentleman pervert Naruto is simply just... too good? Kinda hard to not see him with several girls, since I think he would be confused as to why he can't try and make several girls happy.

But that ain't gonna stop me from reading the rest, 4 girl harem or more!

And I actually like this Naruto more than Canon Naruto, still got that I will do anything for my precious people vibe and all that.
Simply amazing, one of the best FanFictions for me~
4/30 c23 FedeHarry97
okay this may be unnecessary but, i haven't had a new fic to read for the better part of the year, maybe is a diminishing quantity of quality fics with the end of the series, i almost uninstalled the app. and yet on a whim i choose to give a shoot to a short and unassuming fic, and found a some amazing unfinished work. you have an impressive talent, and i really hope you get to finish your fics, it really would be a shame to see them fade into nothingness.
4/29 c1 yami.d.silver
hope to read more
4/24 c1 anom
this story is awesome. those peeps at reddit are fucking hypocritical reek elitists.
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