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for Seals are Easy, People are Hard

5/18 c24 Whyiseverythintaken
this is some good shit. also, I'm excited to see how this plays out
5/16 c15 Ryan
This has got to be the most hilarious unintended manipulation ever, it's amazing how your Naruto gets me to laugh out loud every time someone else's interpretation differs so incredibly much from his simple intentions.
5/15 c24 lara5170
This is a great story and I am looking forward to reading more
5/14 c24 Isi1dur
5/14 c24 greendragonking002
great job so far your writing has improved from the beginning. feels like a lot of things are rushed. or not fully flesh out. I know there is something to the hint at action but I'm a firm believer in show don't tell. please keep writing as it brings people joy
5/12 c24 HereForSmutLemon
I'm all caught up on this story and I can't wait to read more.
5/12 c24 Wolgon999
Amazing Story just finished re-reading it after awhile away from it… I love everything about it the Comedy/action/serious blend together perfectly. I’m not going to lie I would love to see a version of this animated like a abridged series of the show I find it that good! Please keep it up I am anxious for another chapter of this story! I’m sorry if I’m rambling on in this review it’s just this story has me legit giddy with how good/interesting it is and the cool way you present your characters!
5/11 c2 greendragonking002
more auto correct errors" quite planquite plain"
5/11 c1 greendragonking002
great story a couple of glaring issues auto correct wrong words and some muddy sentence structureas Naruto sat beside Hinata,... he barely noticed Hinata take a seat beside him." either throw it into pass tense or rework the sentence so Hinata doesn't need to sit next to Naruto twice. poor girl not being noticed by her crush, so she has to sit down again. again great job looking forward to reading the rest of your fanfiction. its just that mistakes throw the reader out of the flow of the story. ... I wish I could beta but just look at my mess of a comment." those who can't, teach"
5/8 c1 gryphan.master900
This has quite a few spelling errors. Because friends instead of become friends for example.
5/7 c24 daboyfrommanyfandoms
Damn, I can’t wait!
5/5 c1 harryj7
I'm glad this made it past the Chunin exams. A lot of Naruto fics seem to stall out there and end up getting dropped.
5/5 c24 4Naruto- Evolution-Storm
Please are you going to update this I'm enjoying it greatly
5/2 c24 guest
welcome back and thanks for the meaty chapter.
5/3 c24 2Memoria Vita
YAY! New chapter! This has always easily been one of my favorite Naruto fics. thank you for the wonderful chapter. it seems like Sasuke is slightly getting better but not totally out of the emo/revenge driven persona yet. but maybe getting there? I don't think I have said it before, but I absolutely love this Naruto. He's a really smart pervert that doesn't know he's a pervert. it's hilarious. Anyway! keep up the good work and I'll see ya next chapter!
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