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9/25 c19 4Wing Omega
Int4eresting series though I wonder if Joe's time in the clergy will be as peaceful as he thinks? (I kept flashing back to watching Father Dowling Mysteries with mom as a kid while reading the final story)

I was kind of saddened by the middle and ending portions though because Joe and Iola has always been my favorite of the four main pairings from the Hardy Boys, and the Nancy Drew timelines I'm familiar with (The first two series for each character or team plus the crossovers so Frank and Callie, Joe and Iola, Joe and Vanessa, and Nancy and Ned).

Plus while I am Christian I am not Catholic and one of the things I've never been able to understand about the Catholic church is where the idea that someone can't be dedicated enough to God to be a good clergy member if they fall in love and get married came from. I've never found anything where Christ tells the Disciples "Thou shall not get married." and from what I understand the rule didn't come ablut until centuries after Christ had left and the original disciples were dead.
10/29/2019 c13 SeeKayRead
Joe wanting to be a priest seems a little out of left field, but only at first (could be I was leaning more toward marines at first) and the more I think about it the more I can see it. I suspect he’ll still be solving a mystery or three as a priest (I might be channeling Father Brown now)
12/13/2018 c19 6drogorath
I have to tell you that thsi is your magnum opus. Throughout your series, you've engaged in character development something which is very hard to do for timeless characters such as HB and ND.
I must say that I knew from Ch 1 that Joe was going to be a priest ,though I never expected Frank to give up detective work in the Rome SPAG is beautiful and storyline amazing.
Thank you for writing this .
Thank you
10/5/2018 c19 54EvergreenDreamweaver
I love what Callie and Frank named the baby! Perfect!
10/5/2018 c19 14Cherylann Rivers
Congratulations on another wonderful story. It's so nice to count on an author who can treat her characters with compassion and depth and who can craft an excellent mystery as well. This series has been such a treat for me to read. I eagerly looked forward to each new story and I watched your characters grow and come into their own. I am so impressed with your writing style and your ability to take risks. Your style has always been such a fun mix of canon and creativity, and I won't lie when I tell you that I really likes how you paired the characters together (Frank and Callie; Ned and Nancy; Joe and Iola)- that was fun. You always managed to move the plot along at a great pace, but you also made me (and I am sure all of your other readers) care so much about your characters as well. Plus, the inter-connectedness of your plots was BRILLIANT. I do hope that you revisit this arc one day; I know you will if the muses whisper loudly enough. In the meantime, I look forward to you new series or individual stories as well. Thanks for sharing your talents!
10/5/2018 c19 74Robot Wolf 26Z
Yet another brilliant fiction and a very wonderful end to your series. A very fitting end to this series. Two thumbs up. I started reading this at 11:30 Pm and finished at 4:00 AM (A few breaks included)
10/4/2018 c19 5DusktoDawn21
And you are truly a joy to read!

Thank you for such amazing stories. Yes, I do love Hardy Boys a lot more than Nancy Drew but that is because I only ever read HB casefiles and very very few Nancy Drew. I do love the teenage amateur detectives as well. :) :)
10/4/2018 c19 BMSH
Thanks for sharing your stories!
10/4/2018 c19 max2013
Happy and sad at the same time-happy for this story, really liked where you took us-sad because it is over-thank you for sharing.
10/4/2018 c19 Candylou
A good ending to a long story. Great job
10/4/2018 c18 14Cherylann Rivers
I really enjoyed this chapter. Not only was the content very good, but also I think it shows your talent as a writer. You had to make some big decisions here in terms of which scenes to show and which not to, how long to draw out the conversations that Joe had to have with people (and decide with whom), and how long to draw out everyone's shock. As usual, you managed to convey the most essential parts and to move the story along, while still having poignant moments (Frank telling Callie that he will always love her; the tears in Joe's eyes at the end; the levity of the denture joke). I admire this skill so much, because I know that I would tend towards the rabbit hole of emotions and could draw this thing out for countless chapters! LOL. Instead, you focused on growth, healing, acceptance, and the future- how wonderful! I also very much enjoyed Brennan and could see him becoming friends with both Biff and Joe in time. Thanks for making his appearance realistic and not a ghost of his great uncle! Haha. Fenton and Laura were wonderful parents here; Frank was even a very good brother, only taking him a matter of hours to think about and accept Joe's huge revelation. And the scene with Frank and Callie was sweet and tender and also showed great growth on both of their parts; they do seem like the real deal and I hope they are together in your next series. Somehow, I keep picturing your final chapter as having the birth of Frank and Callie's son and Joe baptizing him, though I know that would make no sense in terms of how long it takes to become a priest! :) Great job, and excited (and sad) about the conclusion!
10/3/2018 c18 Barb
Awesome. I just caught up with the last 4 stories - all terrific.
Umm I do hope you are able to write more hardy boy stories. Your plots are quite involved and can make a person dizzy - but it’s a good dizzy! Enjoy reading your stories - thanks for sharing.
10/3/2018 c18 54EvergreenDreamweaver
Congratulations on the story completion. [The Official End of the Hardy Boys as Detectives] I thought Brennan might take the car as well, and was surprised when he didn't. He and Biff could have worked something out where they could occasionally get together and Brennan could drive it, or something! And if Biff goes in the Coast Guard, he won't be home to work on it either.

Hope they all live very happy lives. :-)
10/3/2018 c18 5DusktoDawn21
My fave chapter and you know exactly why...Frank and Callie had the talk and Frank showed her how much he loves her.

Great wrap up to the mystery. Love Joe's chats with his parents.
10/3/2018 c17 DusktoDawn21
Noooooooooooooooooooooooo...Jooe shot again?
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