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for Beautiful Nightmare

10/7/2020 c6 362DarkPheonix 666
Ok I'm loving this so far, but I really want to see the ghosts interact with Violet during her pregnancy. As well as some of the other similar plotlines from the original series. Keep up the good work
10/7/2020 c2 DarkPheonix 666
You had my interest at the premise, now you have my attention. Favourited 3
10/6/2020 c6 Guest
Can’t wait for a update!
11/26/2018 c5 23Winchestergirl123
Thank you for the update! I’m glad this story is not forgotten :)
11/26/2018 c5 K
So glad to see that you decided to continue ️
11/8/2018 c4 MaiMai
OMG You're holding me on the brink of a very high cliff-hanger ! I hope you update very soon because I really REALLY like this story 3
10/10/2018 c4 Sophie Dodd
this book is amazing! i hope you update it sometime soon!
10/5/2018 c1 neverfadehaz
amazing I can't wait for the next chaptwr
9/28/2018 c4 BelieverofManyThings
Fantastic chapters :)
9/15/2018 c4 Winchestergirl123
This is a very interesting sort of AU story. :D I’m glad you’re writing this story!
9/6/2018 c3 Amber
I would've much preferred if season one had went like this! Your style and grammar is on point and I am craving more already, fantastic job! I especially like the parts where you describe what Violet is wearing, her appearance. It makes it a lot easier to imagine her with clarity. Update soon please!
9/5/2018 c3 ash
i love this
9/4/2018 c3 AnBlue C
I really liked the plot, it’s so nice to read about Violet and Tate been together :)
9/4/2018 c3 Sarahburch
Plz update
9/4/2018 c3 2metatmidnight
Nooo omg I hope Violet doesn't die! Tate what did you do omg lol and thank you for mentioning me! I was so happy when I saw you updated. This story is just so good
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