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11/18/2019 c3 6starlily16
Overall, I think this is pretty good. There aren’t a lot of OC stories where they replace a member of the crew so it’ll be interesting to see how the lack of Book will change things. There are some things that you had, in particular for chapter 2, that I felt were fairly fundamentally out of character for some. I get that fanfic authors can redefine characters however they see fit (done it before so I totally understand) but I genuinely cannot picture any scenario at all that would have Mal openly and maliciously humiliate a crew member like he did Sara, especially one that he had actively fought with in the war. I also don’t think Simon would ever resort to violence first, especially without gathering all the facts of the situation first. Overall, I’m quite interested in where you decide to take Sara and her journey. (Also a little curious how you decided which episodes to do and not do but I totally get not wanting to do all of them). Looking forward to the next update.

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