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for A Goddess's Arena

8/26/2019 c3 1Lilytigerlover
This is great! I hope you continue this!
11/7/2018 c3 5Toskie
Hold on..Makougaon?
I thought this was Persona 4 Arena..
9/23/2018 c2 therandompers
I forgot about the absurd titles everyone in arena had lmao. They are glorious
9/13/2018 c2 2CureCaligraphy
oh my god I love this already
9/2/2018 c1 Killer Hamster
Now I am interested. Really looking forward to her reunion with her old team.
9/2/2018 c1 5Toskie
This is an interesting one. I've always wanted to know if Minato is watching over his friends during the Arena games, and how he would react as they overcome the ordeal in that game.I didn't play the Arena games but I think Marie was one of the DLC characters in Ultimax, right?
9/2/2018 c1 Guest
Oh this going to be awesome

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