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7/29/2019 c1 12cdewinter78
Nice tag. Well written and very true to character.
10/9/2018 c1 Guest
Loved it
9/2/2018 c1 Guest
Love this little story. Can't wait to read more wonderful charloe stories from you.
8/31/2018 c1 46ThreeMagpies
Hey there Lemon! :D I’m back online again (after my own little blackout lol) yay! So I just thought I’d catch up here too... Oh, I especially loved the bit where Bass gets a little unhinged when he realises how deep in trouble Charlie is and that the bad guys really need killing... that was just such an amazing scene in the show and you made it even more! I’m not usually bloodthirsty but they really did deserve the wrath of Bass didn’t they lol! Anyway, the first couple of stories are up so we’re off! :) I think Love has one on the way (I so hope she feels better soon too, she’s had a really hard time...), and who knows? You’ve thought up some lovely prompts! I might do a couple of pics now, catch up soon :) cheers, Magpie

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