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5/25 c273 12excessivelyperky
Yes, being pureblood is a lot more complicated than Hermione knows-what Tracey says about her relationship with Adrian is perfectly reasonable. Cedric thinking ley lines are Dark-however sweet he is, Hermione would have to hide things from him.

Plus, Cedric's father would likely go spare if he knew his son was as close to Hermione as he is. There are reasons for Cedric to conduct his courtship in secret, too.

But Hermione is pretty blind to that (and consulting Tom Riddle won't help, because he's outside the system too).
5/25 c272 excessivelyperky
I think Snape cares a lot more about student safety than a *lot* of the other professors; and given some of the stuff Hermione has pulled, would him talking to her do any good? Or simply motivate her to be sneakier?

Yeah, that's what I thought, too.

And Hermione feels a certain ownership of Blaise by now, but sucks it up because since she's with Cedric, Blaise has the right to be with Susan (but Hermione still doesn't like it).
5/25 c388 JKRisTheGoddess
Wow! Harry's idea at the end of Chapter 388 was the most brilliant plot twist yet! Oy, no spoilers, so I won't say. But I never would have thought of that way to test Tom in a million years! Brilliant! Thank you again for writing this!
5/25 c271 excessivelyperky
I still think Luna needs to do the Quidditch dressing rooms test; maybe that's why she left?

At least Hermione is asking specific questions before she goes off and does something that may end up with her disappearing forever...
5/25 c388 1Marie-S-Raven
5/25 c388 SparklingSins2
ahhhhh what an amazing chapter, and I'm so excited by the prospect of the coven hunting down hprxruxes to figure out an alternative to killing Tom
5/25 c388 SparklingSins2
ahhhhh what an amazing chapter, and I'm so excited by the prospect of the coven hunting down hprxruxes to figure out an alternative to killing Tom
5/25 c388 2Gingersnappedcookie
Ahhhh so good, I’m so excited for this this big arch, OMG!
5/25 c388 Ravena D. Alister
Your timing for a chapter about a trial is impeccable.
5/25 c388 dog1056
Hey! You're almost at 1 million words I just noticed! You're going to breeze right past actual series' word count total which is about 1 million 84 thousand according to google. When you eventually finish this and I've read it all (or maybe on the last chapter) I am going to reread the whole thing and it might take me more than a week if I'm lucky!
5/24 c388 3PascalDragon
That trial went rather well and without problems. Nice. Though I had already expected that at least Dumbledore knows that Harry was there. I wonder how however considering that the cloak is rather powerful. Had Dumbledore left some tracking magic on the cloak before Harry received it in first year? Or can he feel the presence of the cloak thanks to the elder wand?
5/24 c388 55ShadowPillow
Iiiiiiiiiiit's a neat idea but the whole "true remorse" idea was info given by Riddle himself. I could see himself as wanting to reunite with his other fragments. And even if the info is true, the type of "remorse" can vary greatly. Remorse for sacrificing a young girl's soul? Or remorse that he made such a stupid mistake of putting his very own self, this Riddle soul fragment, in a diary where it's left to wallow alone and deprived of life or sensation?

Riddle is dangerous. I wouldn't want to kill him either in their shoes, but Harry's solution and idea isn't perfect either. There's a lot of other danger that can come from a merge... for example, another of Voldemort's soul fragments might not have the same idea as their friendly 'Tom'. It might change his personality to absorb another fragment. There have been a lot of years since they were united previously. There's a lot that can go wrong.

Honestly, more likely, personality-wise, Riddle has a way of "consuming" the other soul fragment rather than just merging with it. He is, after all, the actual largest 50% scrap of Voldemort out there, so in soul quantity he should win in a dominance contest between souls. Magic-wise I'm not sure if it can work that way, but I do feel like Riddle would even be leery of the idea of being tainted or merged with a less-familiar soul fragment that he can't just dominate. If he couldn't "consume" it rather than just "merge' with it, I doubt he'd ever have mentioned the idea.

Also, the fact that he says it will "feel bad" is interesting, because Voldemort to our knowledge has never before previously tried to merge together souls before, and that "feeling" is probably not one really described in books, even ancient and dark ones. Which is very sus. Unless he's fractured and merged together other people's souls first... as a fifteen-year old boy... before splitting his own... and witnessed /their/ pain and remorse as they merged...

In that case, no matter how pretty or sparkly his eyes are, no matter how charming and helpful and nice he seems, I don't like to say it, that's a dangerous man. More dangerous than the current prediction. And in that case, death is probably a better option than releasing him to the world. Ending/sacrificing a soul is one thing to me, and debatable as to the significance of it, depending on whether or not you believe in an afterlife or the value of an afterlife... Playing around with other people's souls while they're still alive seems a far more awful act to me. But that's just my speculations and suspicions. Tom Riddle is just awfully suspicious, and I don't like any of this planning that uncorks the genie's bottle.

Good chapter though. Keep up the good work, as always.
5/24 c388 FireInLife
Seeing Rhamnaceae Rookwood as the defense was a pretty large surprise. I wonder how that even happened?

It seems she is quite inexperienced (maybe that is why she was picked). Although, I am really upset that she stopped trying to defend Peter. It is understandable, given her youth, but...it is still a huge violation of ethics imo.

The defense is obligated to defend their client, whether they are guilty or not. And the defense shouldn't even be willing to give up just because they cannot find a way for an innocent verdict. Their role isn't to have their client declared innocent. It is to act in their best interests. So her argument that Peter was under duress still should have at least been made. If she truly believed there was no avoiding the guilty sentence, she at least should have found a way to reduce the charges against him and make sure his rights at being respected.

(Also a good example why lawyers meet with their client first, to better understand how they can best defend them. Rookwood should not have been surprised at Peter's words.)

Buuut this is all a moot point cause it is a fictional justice system. I just can't help but feel annoyed at Rookwood for her lousy defense. Pettigrew deserved punishment, but he also deserved to be defended well.

On that note, I kinda can't help but feel pity for Pettigrew. Rookwood's pathetic defense aside, the way his life has turned is just...horrific. Not to say I feel sympathy for him - he made his bed, after all - but it is a very pitiable situation. I mean, finding comfort in living as a rat? Peter had nothing left to live for by that point, and he was too much of a coward to try and change his situation. And now he faces Azkaban. As Hermione said, nobody deserves the dementors.

Maybe I should feel self-righteous, vindicated, happy, or whatever at Peter's verdict. But aside from a little disgust at his words, I mostly just pity him.


I enjoy your characterization of others, as always. I'm interested to learn more about the Death Eater marks in the future. Also, really interesting to have some insight into Voldemort's methods/strategies to avoid betrayal.

I also love this sort of alliance/enemies relationship Hermione has with Dumbledore. If Tom does show true regret and regains a body...what would Dumbledore do? Consumed by his regret for not stopping Voldemort when he was younger, perhaps he wouldn't risk Tom having a second chance. Dumbledore certain *hates* Voldemort, with that badass line in canon when he admits he wouldn't be satisfied with just Voldemort's death. Dumbles would definitely be afraid of making another mistake.

But then...if Tom showed true regret and reabsorbed his horcruxes, would that be enough? It would show that he has changed completely. That he is not an irredeemable psychopath. Maybe he does not deserve a second chance, but he would have at least *earned* one. Maybe.

I dunno, I could see Dumbledore going either way in that situation.

Either way, I love that they're planning on stealing a horcrux out from under him. Talk about ambitious. I also really enjoy how you write your Dumbledore. A strong moral character. Eccentric but powerful/formidable. Wise and charismatic. And especially, mysterious.

That he has these traits despite being a sometimes antagonist is wonderful. I can't wait until Hermione grows enough that she can actually oppose him (because I think it is clear that she currently can't just yet. At least not directly/overtly.)

Anyways, wonderful chapter! So excited to have finally seen Pettigrew's trial. There are so many other thoughts I had that I haven't even mentioned, and it was really really well done!

Thank you :)
5/24 c388 Guest
I read this every update, and I'm sorry I don't review very often, but honestly this fic is so amazing.
I love the intricacies of the world you've created. I adore how much thought you've put into even small things like Veritaserum dosage.
It's amazing. You're amazing and I live for your updates. Thank you
5/24 c388 Lady Syndra
I'm surprise Rockwood could even GET a job as a lawyer. Guess that's pureblood connections for you ...
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