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29m c493 Lurkerlover
Have at them Harry! Thankyou for the new chapter x
1h c515 12excessivelyperky
Aw, Hermione is jealous! Blaise and Fleur belong to *her* right, just like almost everyone else who admires her.

But yes, having a fire elemental would be really helpful around a dragon, and the underwear, yes please!
4h c515 1reallytrulyyours
POLYCULE! POLYCULE! Idk i just love hermione/fleur and hermione/blaise AND hermione/viktor in this and i feel like blaise and fluer both have similar ideas about not having a finite amount of love! idk how viktor would feel about any of it but vikmione is one of my fav ships and you are doing it such justice! excellent as always, friend!
4h c515 NathyRibeiro
I'm sorry but this date nonsense didn't make any sense. Hermione thinking that fleur and blaise were on a date just so that we could have the out of nowhere date with Viktor is ridiculous, this isn't like and hermione nor fleur, specially since some chapters ago we had a little jealousy plot between the girls.
5h c515 3123a456e
Okay I feel like Fleur and Blaise have decided to be on the same team when it comes to Hermione and the goal is a Throuple, which I am completely game for. Hermione is playing with fire though, why the hell did she accept a date with Krum?

I love the idea of everyone's reactions to just watching The-Boy-Who-Lived walk straight into dragonfire, and then out the other side in his undies. I do hope they test that the fireproofedness counts against dragonfire first though
5h c515 30ForsakenKalika
Dude, I would do it, Harry. I so would.

So I realized it's been a bit since I left you love, and these latest chapters have been so good. While this one felt more exposition-y (I know that's not a word, but I said it anyway), it leaves a tangible feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Not quite foreboding, but that something is coming.

Thanks for all your hard work on this story, I love reading it and get so excited for update notifications. Hope you're well
5h c515 bellybutton79
Like a middle finger to those making him participate! Love
5h c367 cordialInvitationFromtheLord
omg are you a dyke faggot tranny rn
5h c515 1angel897
oh yes i love this plan of his
6h c511 9threereasonswhy
dude i swear hermione has way too many love interests to keep track of
can she just polycule it out/j
no um let's see
Blaise is most likely imo; I imagine she and Fleur will mutually decide to break up, and I think Viktor will probably die, as opposed to Cedric, because what would his death even do? Hermione dgaf about him. And Hermione thinks of Draco as a whiny child, so that's out. Theo, she doesn't like all that much anyways. Tom, she dislikes period
6h c515 Guest
Great chapter! Love the funny moments at the end!
6h c497 threereasonswhy
*Padma not padme
7h c515 1Lady Firemane
OMG. PLEASE, PLEASE put in a scene where Harry gets a chance to moon the ministry. I’m dying laughing just thinking about it!
7h c515 lady sesshomaru sama 949
it would be cool if he could talk to the dragon!
7h c515 Guest
Draco, Prince of Slytherin, I see what you did there, ll.
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