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9h c8 maria-alcantara18
I kind of want her to also be proud to be called a muggleborn even if she isn't, bc she is powerful and just because she came from muggles, doesn't she is not as awesome or better than those stupis bigots.
17h c280 nashtah
Great update
I like Hermione course of action on Lupin of wanting more information on werewolfs.

I am also glad on the information on want was done before Amanda.
5/9 c32 12excessivelyperky
Blaise is totally right. Let Ron have his glory at chess, and lose at something more important.
5/9 c280 54ShadowPillow
That was really smart of Amanda – now Manny – to ask for Hermione. Her reputation will shield her/him and questions will go to Hermione rather than Manny, which is really nice. And framing it as a curse is really convenient in the magical world and makes it more likely to garner sympathy rather than condemnation, because it's easier to understand. I was really impressed with the protocol and methodology here, and the soonness of the switch. I think Amanda/Manny already knows some of the ambiguities and things that Professor Vector is worried about, but is holding on to the hope of being able to make the switch and also having Hermione protect his/her reputation, and things just starting to be better once the Ravenclaw girls stop teasing them and Manny can get in with the Ravenclaw boys more who seem a little more chill. Once the switch happens I'll also switch to the right name and pronouns. It's a little confusing to talk about it in this transition period, when the person themself hasn't yet fully switched over either.

That scene with Lupin was everything I could have hoped for. I'm glad Lupin genuinely apologized and they are now on good terms. Blaise is great and I love that they just completely eschewed the sublety; I think it did wonders for them actually getting a good working relationship with the professor. I'm sort of glad Hermione forgot about the dementor lessons here, but I figure it's because she wanted to leave it to Harry to ask and really that's the best decision. I think Lupin will actually be pretty willing to take them all on to teach, because partly it lets him keep a closer eye on them and partly because seriously, they are motivated, it only does more good when more people know the patronous charm, and he actually knows them now, more than just a mass of students he has to teach and I get the feeling that Lupin doesn't let bias hold him back so much when he sees a child smiling and eager to learn. I hope so, anyway. This meeting gives good omens towards that and I am filled with good feelings about how it went.

Keep up the awesome work.
5/9 c279 ShadowPillow
"Allow me to assist you, then," Tom said smoothly. "It was wrong and evil to destroy Cygnus' soul, but it is something I did that cannot be undone. Let my penance be helping you to remove all other creatures that destroy souls." What BS. I believe that he'll do it, but of course this is something he says to stay alive. And Hermione is too empathetic so she understands why he'd say that to stay alive. This... well, I hope she doesn't become desensitized to it by working with him, because by doing so, she also inherently begins to accept it. Can't see him as a monster because he's still human. She's... she's going to have a lot of trouble with this. "Morally obligated", huh? That's going to bring a lot of trouble to her, and likely to others too. Moral obligation can be a scary thing. So far things have been working out sort of generally, but when things start to snap back – a goblin war? – I think... Hermione's going to have to relearn a lot of things and that's going to be hard for her, especially for one so confident in her knowledge.

I never thought about this though. That horcruxes use the soul as a price. I did always believe it was just death... but this makes a lot more sense. I wonder if Avada Kedavra has any impacts on the soul too, and that's why it's considered evil, or if it's really just because the intention of the spell is death.

First part of the chapter... friendship drama. Hopefully they got that out of the way fully and quickly with no lingering bad feelings. People can just think stupid things and assume stupid things.
5/9 c280 3Mysticarts
Loving the correction and plans in this chapter. I'm sure Snape and Vector have plans to help Manny make the transition as easy as possible (I'm guessing that Vector is trans based on how she is written, or close to someone who is trans and knows the pitfalls)
5/9 c280 3PascalDragon
Good thing that Hermione only wanted some questions regarding werewolves answered. :P Though I honestly had thought that she'd use the blackmail to get the patronus lessons. But it seems that this will fall to Harry then.
Progress with Amanda! I like how supportive Vector is. :) (And funny that they make use of muggle medicine, cause it's simpler :P ) Looking forward to how things are going to play out the next week then. :D
5/8 c280 Ann
I still find it pretty hard to believe that a world that can make you a clone of someone of the opposite gender or can turn you into a 6 foot canary doesn't have a better magical route than using muggle hormone therapy.
5/8 c31 12excessivelyperky
I bet Snape is kicking himself for not doing the magical equivalent of doing weights while younger; and I suspect he's going to give the practice a bit of a try himself, just in case it can still be done after growing up. That's what I'd do, anyway.

And of course he's going to teach her how to fly. Just as well he doesn't know about her little expeditions past Fluffy, though I bet he'll end up finding out.
5/8 c1 scarletarcher
I've loved this fic for a while and really appreciate how you regularly update it! I've heard rumors that is going downhill and was wondering if you were thinking about cross-listing the fic on ao3 so that it can't get lost. will you? are you going to jump ship or stay with ?
5/8 c280 53Kyonomiko
Really enjoying her interactions with lupin. I’m curious where that will lead
5/8 c280 Fast Frank
Most excellent chapter. Hermione is already a force to be reckoned with, and this adds to her lustre.
5/8 c280 1Marie-S-Raven
Oh my soul
5/8 c280 Tallfellapgh
Answers from Lupin & Protector for Amanda/Mannie.
Interesting chapters to come!
5/8 c280 11morsmordre
love it!
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