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3h c303 Guest
I've been marathoning this serie twice now, and I love it.
I'm also hoping there will be less of those chapters and digression about Hermione's love life and courting issues, as I find them to be distracting from the plot, and don't move the plot forward. It's really the one thing that I don't like about it, I can't wait to read more!
3h c303 MotekElm
excellent chapter
4h c303 vismaya Mrganayani
That was wonderful! Way better than how it originally happened. I wish so bad sometimes that this is the original Hermione.
Can't wait for the next bit. We're getting closer to the Sirius reveal I hope.
He is my Favorite character, and I really hope you write him better than J.K did.
10h c303 3Emers2021
10h c303 rilkelee
oh Harry! I love how differently this went than it did in canon. Hermione is such a good friend.
11h c303 LovinqRosiie
another wonderful chapter, as usual! i've been getting harry hermione sibling-esque vibes throughout this story so ill be shocked if they end up together. i personally dont ship harmony, but if anyone could spin their relationship and put it in the right lighting, it would be you. so ill just sit back and see where this goes :
13h c303 marianmerza
I love you!
I love your version.
Oh, harry
I love that line
16h c303 AuntCori
That's sweet but sad that Hermione would realize Harry had no one care about him enough to check on an anonymous gift and the potential issues. Once again, Hermione to the rescue!
19h c303 2Mionefan
A clever twist on canon. Too bad Crookshanks didn't catch and at least maim Pettigrew!
20h c303 13Stephanie MRV
Okay. Thus entire chapter left me feeling all kinds of things.
First of all Hermione being the first person Neville turns to when there is a problem is just a good sign. That's how things start off for leaders. People slowly but surely begin to look to them for help and guidance until it becomes second nature. It's a good sign for her.

The impromptu talk she is having with Dean was good too. I think she could get a lot of half bloods and muggleborns on her side by talking about her mundane life. She can use it to network and gather votes from her peers as well as establish her name better with her generation. If she pays attention to all the incoming first years until she graduates then all the better.
Plus if she helps the muggleborns assimilate better into the magical world then it would help her image with the traditionalist faction and the dark lord. He is going to return and her coven mate is Harry bloody Potter. She has to atheist look like she is in charge of him or allied with him.

The query was a nice touch. I liked how it works. Maybe they can use them more for deciding ritual aspects.

The last part was a little bitter sweet. I am so happy that this Hermione did not go behind his back and make a huge deal about it. I like this approach and was saddened by being reminded of Harry's life. He really does deserve better. Thankfully for Hermione and Harry, he is very fond of her and seems to like her more or differently to Ron. I think their relationship will grow with next years tournament. I like that he is so attached to her given how much Dumbledore dislikes her. I wouldn't put it past the man to try and get rid of her.
20h c303 7Forensica X
I love their relationship. They’re so adorable. I hope it stays platonic though bc they feel so sibling-y it’s the best.
22h c303 54Kyonomiko
Snake hermione handled the broom way more subtly than Lion hermione lol well done
22h c303 Pygmy Hippo
I like how you resolved the fire bolt situation!
23h c302 Kyonomiko
Ahhh the girls. I do live this crew of snakes
23h c303 6starlite22
I’d love a Harry Hermione end game
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