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6/12 c38 parmajon
Neville is so sweet ugh I love your characterization of him!
6/12 c37 parmajon
I wanna play in the snow :’)
6/12 c36 parmajon
Paternal Snape? I weep.

6/12 c35 parmajon
Omggg what is Anthony doing?!
6/11 c34 parmajon
I love Hermione’s one liners. “This and that” lmaoo
6/11 c33 parmajon
Love the combo of science and magic!
6/11 c32 parmajon
Masterful redirection Hermione, 10/10
6/11 c31 parmajon
I love this chapter so much because Snapes like “OK you genuinely want to better yourself? fine I’ll teach” yes yes yessss
6/11 c30 parmajon
MAKE THAT MONEY SIS she a scammer and I love it
6/11 c290 k.soulgirl1
dear god I love this story. I've been binge reading this for the last 4 days. this is the kind of fic you stay up reading because you just don't want to stop until your eyes are unable to read. I love the way you developed her as a youth with mental processes that awe to dive into. Hermione is a deep and flexible character that comes alive in the shadows of the mind and I think it's glorious how you integrated the Slytherin perspective and plot components. her journey is ever the adventure and I am so glad you are creating this fic. don't underestimate the power of kindness. good job with the inclusivity. I love her parents. its a revelation to understand class difference between parenting behaviour in a clearer picture, though that might seem a strange thing to spot
6/11 c290 Dangerouse
Yuck! Lazzero is disgusting! I'm glad the goblins kept him somewhat in check. I think Hermione should make sure the goblins know that she wrote the bill that lets them trade. I'd also like some more information about exactly how much is in Hermione's vault and how it's getting there.
6/11 c290 7Forensica X
Eff him. Hermione needs to make an EXAMPLE of the next asshole who manhandles her. What a complete ass.
6/11 c290 Guest
I love the whoole shadows concept. Can't wait to see where you take it.
6/11 c290 13Stephanie MRV
Why do the interactions with Cedric feel so strained? Its like she knows she has to break up with him but just cant seem to manage it. Its making it awkward to read them now. Like, i can feel Hermione's reluctance when i read. Good job.

I find the girls shopping for their friends to be adorable. Hermione finally seems to grasp that Blaise could be something more. That his flirting may not just be friendly. Although to be fair it is blaise fault to. He plays it too safe.

He kidnapped her!?
He just bloody took her. What the fuck!
Is he insane. She needs her sword!

I could kiss the guards. I did not think that they would be protective of her given that she is a mere human but i think it can be put down to their honor, that she is female and that she is helping them in a way no human has in probably centuries. I bet they were also happy to have an excuse to chop off someones hand.

Why would they get her an additional 500 galleons? Do they know she needs it or is it for something else? that is something that stumped me.

That horrid bastard should be whipped. Poor blaise now feels terrible for something he has no fault in. But at least now they know of another way they are vulnerable in. How will she explain the amount of money to them though? She cant just brush it off. She really should do some investing with it in the muggle world.

I am honestly looking forward to Next year. Seeing her break up with Cedric at the end of the year only to have him try to make her jealous with Cho only to have it backfire when Viktor shows up. I do so love angst and drama.
6/11 c290 Fast Frank
Very interesting, but I feel Lazzero will be a dangerous enemy, once he learns of the scam.
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