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7/23 c302 SpaceKace
Soooo much scheming! And girl strategy (which is the best kind - duh). I loved this short little interlude! Thank you again as always for your consistent excellence in this story! As well as the awesome schedule! You’re like the best literary project manager on the earth!
7/23 c302 Dangerouse
feels like we've been on this Cedric courtship thing for ages. can she just dump him already?
7/23 c302 Ravena D. Alister
The writing is on the wall. Good scene. Keep up the great work
7/23 c302 Pygmy Hippo
Oh so practical Hermione, let your heart rule you here, you obviously don’t see a long term either him
7/23 c302 BaconandDasies
I always get so excited when I see an update, and I always want to read more. You have a special talent that I truly admire.
7/23 c302 Soraslove
Ya... this shit with cedric isn't going to work out, lol.

Actually it seems like... blaise might be interested but... he's lying low? Regardless, hermione would actually do well with him, or even harry.
7/23 c302 1angel897
exciting to read
7/23 c302 Fast Frank
Again, this world is so much richer than JKR's.
7/23 c302 Guest
It’s nice to watch them navigate relationships and what not
7/23 c302 2roon0
Hermione appears to want to have her cake and eat it too. I am not so sure that is going to work and is a relationship with a wizard whole expects a housewitch really what Hermione wants to fight for? She surely has better things to do.
7/23 c302 Deadly Mother
Oh my word, the courtship rules and regulations are just too much. Makes me glad I'm not a teenaged witch.
7/23 c302 2Afanasyi
i love this story so much
7/23 c302 17luxsolis
I'm front the Balkans. We have so many customers around arranged marriages, the courting phase, which doesn't even happen until your engaged really, and the wedding itself. So reading this story is crazy to me, becuase I have never found a character I identify with more!

Once I reached my 20's I said to hell with it and did what ever the hell I wanted, and bucked tradition. Leaving home as an unmarried girl in my culture was unheard of at the time. It was SO worth it though.

I get why Hermione can't do that though. I gave up being a part of my community, so I could have my freedom. Hermione is trying to build a spot for herself from scratch in the Magical Community she is supposed to be a part of.

It's tough and heart breaking the ties they put on women. But unfortunately it is believable. Another great chapter, can't wait to read more.
7/23 c302 General Mac
ooohhh i see a rescue is needed for Millie as well now, thanks love it stay safe and well.
7/23 c260 Whit96
Am I the only one reading this chapter thinking the hilarity Miriam Margolyes would be delivering this.
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