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9/17 c318 6Abbie Blizzard
Hot damn. They did it! I am so, so proud of them :)
9/17 c318 JustReadingNewGuy
Omg, thank you for having this ritual work right. We are due for some sort of terrible thing happening to Hermione, bc you know, that's how writing goes and i was solo anxious over this damn thing, thinking this was going to be the place you were going to explode it all. Thank goodness, it worked.
9/17 c318 chibi-Clar
9/17 c318 Lucy Maud Montgomery
Love this so fucking much
9/17 c318 Tonks7777777
Such a great chapter! I loved it!
9/17 c318 bleu
9/17 c318 3123a456e
That was very intense. I hope Jade continues to be a recurring character in the story even after she leaves at the end of the year because I love her.
9/17 c318 rilkelee
OMG IT WORKED! Hermione is amazing. I love them all!
9/17 c318 3Daughter-of-the-Moon-7
This chapter was so exciting! I love how much thought you put into the rituals, and I’m looking forward to how Jade’s story goes. The coven working together and impressing Jade and Milan was also fun. Blaise knowing what a strap on is was hilarious. I hope we find out how lol. Is Blaise doing his own muggle research? This is not the first time Hermione was surprised by a muggle reference made by Blaise. Have a great weekend!
9/17 c318 Nex
This was good, elements of testing hypothesis and observing things you had no way to know, bit risky yet you did all you could. Hope she will carry the child and it will live and be healthy and normal. :) On side note I absolutely understand how so many wixen die before reaching advanced age...
9/17 c318 Dunc4
I’m sure ritual textbooks years from now will have on the first page “don’t just throw in basilisk eggs because you happen to have them on hand!” Seriously, that girl might have quite a future, maybe basilisk animagus?
9/17 c318 nashtah
thanks for the ritualand Jade's reaction werea great point to add in.
9/17 c318 7Forensica X
Part of me is horrified at such young women having a baby, but then I remember the setting and cultural expectations. I do hope someone takes jade to the hospital wing to make sure everything’s fine though.
9/17 c318 Pygmy Hippo
9/17 c318 1Marie-S-Raven
I, am so very happy for them!
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