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9/17 c318 1Marie-S-Raven
I, am so very happy for them!
9/17 c318 geranim0enimino671
awesome !
9/17 c318 Hanako
Hmmmmmmm I am truly huge fan of this story since beginning, however, for me this is raping the nature even in the world of magic. Having child still almost at school, done through such ritual. I dont know whats your orientation or longing in your own life, but for me this is to much. Also to see Jade so bitchy, with low respect, almost no gratitude,...hm does she really deserve to have successful ritual...Of course in the world where we dont have 2 genders but like 70 many will appreciate and even for me a lot over the boundary you are excellent and gifted writer
9/17 c318 TheSpazzer77
This was a beautiful chapter!
I do hope their daughter is born healthy and safe!
9/17 c318 Fast Frank
Very well done, except that it should be "unfazed". "Phase" and its derivatives refer to waveform relationships.
9/17 c318 1leez-bee
OOOOOF nice! I loved it! I’m so excited for Jade & Milan!
9/17 c318 geranim0enimino671
whats Blaise secret ? that's at least twice he's known muggle things like that. seems like a lead in to me!
9/17 c318 kpop1392as
I like the ritual they did, and the symbolisms in it. I also like that they're still learning and not everything went exactly how they expected to. Will Hermione be incorporating fire elements with her coven members now or soon? Or has she already done it since she showed off her fire abilities?
9/17 c318 Death in a Pink Boa
Great Chapter Title
9/17 c318 75aaronlisa
Great chapter
9/17 c318 Reading In Moonlight
I hope Milan and Jade's daughter will be born without trouble! Many women have problems falling pregnant and then keeping pregnant until birth, even doing it the normal way. But hopefully that wont happen and Milan will carry the baby to term.
9/17 c318 marianmerza
Woah! Like woah!
That was amaze balls lol
I love you
9/17 c318 SparklingSins2
love thissss I'm so happy for Jade and Milan. Susan is so cute with her billowing robes also loved the strap on stuff lmaoo
9/17 c318 Thousand Monkeys
How will this ritual affect a magical artifact like the Black Family Tree?

If their families have something similar that's really going to bake their noodles.
9/17 c318 2maximusrexmundi
Neat! I hope the child doesn't get too affected by all the crazy magic used in its conception
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