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6/16 c69 Hetc
What a fabulous summer internship. My summer jobs were as a cleaner or as a filing clerk, much less interesting.
Useful for Hermione to meet Gilderoy Lockhart as an unreliable narrator before being dazzled by the smile. Great chapter.
Thanks for writing
6/16 c291 Eliella45
Oh I love what a great friend she is! And you definitely are taking a different path here... Wonder who will be trapped in the ritual... Will they call Sirius or will they call the one who betrayed the Potters? Hope either way that the truth comes out. Hope you exonerate Sirius and he gets to live a long happy life with Harry... Both Harry and Sirius deserve it..
Wonderful chapter!
6/16 c291 gumselund
6/15 c291 2maximusrexmundi
Can't wait for a rat to show up in the circle and for the coven to be confused lol
6/15 c291 SpaceKace
Wooo! And they’re going to corral Old Wormtail so quickly! And then save Sirius. Oh I just can’t wait!
6/15 c291 marianmerza
I love you
6/15 c291 TheDarkLadyJinx
Oh, this was so sweet and amazing! I'm really looking forward to seeing their faces when a rat shows up in Sirius' place xD lol
6/15 c291 RememberMe27
Loved this chapter! It’s nice to see Hermione look after Harry that way.
6/15 c291 rilkelee
awwww baby harry really excited to see how a future confrontation with black goes! wondering whether he will take to hermione or be threatened by her since she’s a slytherin. everyone writes sirius so differently when it comes to that- i’m sure you’ll manage to surprise us somehow!
6/15 c291 1angel897
great new chapter to read
6/15 c291 Capecodcanal
I loved every bit of this chapter even as my heart breaks for Harry. I love that Neville knows to get Hermione. And the crying scene in the secret garden was perfectly fine. How very much Harry needed a shoulder to cry on, to grieve with someone who truly cares for him. And, the firm reassurance that the Coven is there for him, always. (Also, I’m dying to see what happens when they complete the ritual!)
6/15 c291 2roon0
Great chapter. I cannot help wonder if the ritual will bring up Pettigrew? I cannot wait to find out.
6/15 c291 3123a456e
Great chapter! I wonder if the ritual will still work with Sirius being innocent
6/15 c291 Mimz
I love them. Hate and Hermione. Their dynamic as best friends. I loooove it.
6/15 c291 1Richard Lovelace
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