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7/23 c302 Jbb
Great chapter! Millie is ready to murder if necessary, go Millie I'm so proud of you.
7/23 c302 Guest
Hooray! Good chapter
7/23 c302 3Daughter-of-the-Moon-7
Great chapter! I alway love that Hermione has girlfriends in this story. I wonder how Pansy is doing? I can’t wait to see how Millie handles her engagement situation, and wonder if we will see more of Ben.
7/23 c302 parmajon
The perfect ~temporary~ out! Love it
7/23 c302 3PanduhBabyy
Millies cup needs to happen. Now. Yesterday. lol
7/23 c302 3magandakoi
God bless. Advise me what to do hermione
. You mirror my emotional state right now TT. TT
7/23 c302 26KraZiiePyrozHavemoreFun
Poor Millie, but she's with Hermione and grace and grief know Hermione isn't about agency being taken away in this manner.
I do wonder if Fionn will be a present or background issue...hmm.. well, it'll be interesting to see either way.
Yeah, rejection because of his father's stance could be a good idea. He also rejects her house sooo... not really compatible.
7/23 c302 Gulfbar
Wow! Awesome story so far.
Please keep up the good work!
Maybe make the chapters a little longer? 10k a peace?
7/23 c302 20Illecebrous.Odessa
Poor Millie, and it also reminds me of Pansy’s situation. Hermione is going to figure out the best why to reject someone…. or it’s gonna blow up in her face lol
7/23 c302 Theaisa
Crash and Burn, relationship with Cedric :)

I'm team Fleurmione all the way. Just in time too, for the Triwizard tournament.. can't wait for them to meet again.
7/23 c86 3McShizzleSupreme778
Yes. Locator spells would be a terrible invasion of privacy. *looks pointedly at The Marauders*
7/23 c302 1Arekanderu
Can't believe you are making me feel sorry for Millie and actually rooting for her
7/23 c302 2maximusrexmundi
I'm all about Hermione creating a secret society of strong independent witches
7/23 c302 2TaylorMade
Uh, Millie? You kinda sound ready to take a violent form of revenge there, sweetie...

If you’re gonna go after anyone who seems offensive, can I send you my list? It’ll save me the effort and give you a place to vent your aggressions. Don’t worry; I’ll list them by priority so if you run out of steam you can just tell me where you left off.

The Cedric Situation sounds like it’s going to blow up pretty quickly. Millie’s family sounds as if they’re about to be buried alive, and Daphne finally has things on track... Sirius is looming around the bend, right?
7/23 c302 2SpSt
I cant stand how Hermione puts off her emotional stuff but dives into everything else. I cringe reading everything to do with her live life.

side note: sad that we haven't heard from the Goblins over break.
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