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1/16/2019 c31 MotekElm
1/16/2019 c29 MotekElm
so good. Hermione is powerful, cunning, ambitious, brave, smart, and overall badass. My favorite!
1/16/2019 c22 MotekElm
Goldstein is such a gentleman. Swoon! And I finally see Draco slowly changing and how he could eventually come in to the story after 4th year
1/16/2019 c21 MotekElm
I love this chapter
1/16/2019 c20 MotekElm
I love the ritual
1/16/2019 c19 MotekElm
I love this troll alternative. for a moment I was almost worried this story would be a sevmione eventually. it seems like it could be theomione or harmony or even Neville, but I can't see Dramione coming here
1/16/2019 c13 MotekElm
very unique idea for this fic. I've never read anything like it in fan fiction before, and I've read a LOT of fan fiction. it's wonderful
1/16/2019 c4 MotekElm
luv, luv, luv Luna!
1/16/2019 c2 MotekElm
I love this chapter and the whole idea of the story. Canon Hermione is certainly cunning and ambitious enough for Slytherin
1/15/2019 c36 2CeciliaWinnifer
I wonder why, it's been 30 chapters, and yet no one questions why Hermione is so set on this New Blood thing to the point of wanting to force her puberty so that she can lean to fly. is it fear that I sense when she imagined Pansy having more power than her just because she hit puberty early? Is all this just to make it obvious that she's Slytherine?
1/15/2019 c38 Mistress-Cinder
This chapter was amazing! I loved it! Hermione is truly getting the hang of Posh Slytherin Upper-Crust politics.
1/15/2019 c38 2Midnight sky494
Omg Draco so intense! But like can we talk about how much of a sweetheart Neville is?! Also I really want Blaise to be here first kiss I mean it’s like so fitting. Ahhh I love your story best hermione in Slytherin I read in a long time!
1/15/2019 c38 General Mac
wicked thanks love it more when you can pretty please
1/15/2019 c38 7Qorianth Grindelwald
Draco! Stop being so awkward! You are already so protective of her! And Blaise! Good job with the chess! Why am I acknowledging fictional characters? I feel like I am going CrAZy!
1/15/2019 c38 FireRuby
Absolutely unexpected and fantastic Slytherin! Hermione story! She's still Hermione, warm and kind, but her ambitions lead her to fascinating choices, and I love the original and wonderful way you develop all the characters!
Also love how Neville and Harry seem to be beginning to flourish with her friendship, and their own.
Also love the subtle revenge against Ron! Prejudiced git...
I love dramione, but I also love Blaise, and really want him to be her first kiss as promised...
Really excited to eventually read more! :-D
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