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6/18 c292 3inuyasha's tennyo
Poor Theo, every day he gets a little more terrified of Hermione, lol.
I'm always curious to see what Hermione's parents cryptic looks end up meaning!
6/18 c292 Fast Frank
That was fun, especially Goyle.
6/18 c292 Guest

Amazing chapter as always
6/18 c292 1Grig9700

Awesome chapter as always, though I do feel slightly sad that Crookshanks will be staying back. Then again, someone needs to keep Sirius company. I do look forwards to what all Hermione will get up to during the winter though. So many possibilities, perhaps a romantic date that can... well ruin sounds to harsh. I do want both of them to still be friends so maybe growing apart would be better? I dono... Regardless I'm excited for it.

My well wishes as always, I do hope you're taking some time to just relax every now and then. Your health is important! That said, thank you once more for all the effort you put into this fic, it's such a joy to read

ps. Greg is such a teddy bear~

pps. Todays Proverb; A lie told to oneself is the worst kind of lie, it's the type that makes happiness impossible to reach for as long as it continues.
6/18 c292 Deadly Mother
Nice conversation about dementors. I love your take on where they came from! I suppose she got that from one of the books in her secret trunk. Looking forward to winter break.
6/18 c292 1leez-bee
Love the interactions; good chapter as always! I’m glad Hermione is realizing how important she is
6/18 c292 1angel897
interesting and fun to read as always
6/18 c292 TheSpazzer77
Fun chapter!
6/18 c292 8Sw-0608
Can't wait to see what happens next
6/18 c291 Sw-0608
Wow, this was a chapter that threw me for a loop. The ritual they're doing is going to drag Pettigrew in I just know it! Oh no, oh dear, and oh man. Those kids are really in for a time.
6/18 c292 RedCapsule
Figuring that Harry isn't heading home - "Oh Harry, Crookshanks wants to stay here over the break. Could you please look after him for me?" Leaving some readers in a "OMG what'll happen?" tizzy.

Perhaps another ritual is needed, so Hermione can speak cattish?

Or just cross off the "deluxe scratching post, ever-fresh enchanted water dish, catnip-stuffed mouse, animation-charmed play balls, ..." on her Yule gift list.

Hmm - no hint at Hermione touching base with the house elves before Yule. But at this point she has too many relationships and schemes going, and even minimal base-touching could make for rather tedious reading.
6/18 c292 marianmerza
I love you
6/18 c292 chibi-Clar
6/18 c292 1Richard Lovelace
Thank you.
6/18 c292 3PanduhBabyy
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