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7/23 c302 2014605911
I get her desire to remain free and unburdened with such things, she is young after all, but I think it would be better to cut things off now OR make it very clear to Cedric her wants. If not that, have an honest and clear talk about their expectations. It was very damning that despite all those talks and sharing of thoughts with each other that Cedric still doesn't know her any better. It's like Cedric only hears what he wants to hear. His shallow and narrow-minded thoughts can't even bear to try and understand Hermione. With her ambition, skills, and open-mindedness, how can he really think that she was just gunning for Head Girl of all things? Their sham of a relationship is one dumpster fire kept going by sheer stubbornness and blindness. I'm ready and very excited for their ship to go down and sink spectacularly. With that said, team Fleurmione all the way. Failing that, Blaise would go well with Hermione too. Harry is too much of a brother slash friend type while Draco is never a candidate. Hermione and him doesn't fit at all. She would be like a mom/mentor/older sister or friend to him than a legitimate romantic partner.
7/23 c302 4Wynter Phoenix
Excellent chapter!
7/23 c302 10slytherinlibrarymole
"I'll come up with a plan or something" go Hermione. Also, go millie, I love how she's beginning to flourish not just as a character but as a person, and I see this betrothal thing is growing bigger and bigger plot-wise. I look forward to what you can craft with it.
7/23 c301 2014605911
Clover always seemed to be the type to lurk around and get drunk with power the moment she tasted it. For some reason, I even find her name to be fitting for a possible traitor and I don't know why. With that said, she better be careful. Keep her eyes and ears open. Just because she has rare, powerful abilities, and a large power reserve it doesn't mean that she is immune to mistakes and attacks be it physical or otherwise. There would always be something better or something that cannot be harnessed without having consequences.
7/23 c302 xpreciousxpimzyx
Millie is just the best.
7/23 c302 Guest
7/23 c302 4nikkistew2
Millie: (asking for a friend)

Whew! Doesn't have to wear the token by virtue of Dark witch accusation.
7/23 c302 1mionepls
ahhh yes millie make them rue the day!
7/23 c302 Capecodcanal
Great chapter….love the girl chat!
7/23 c302 Barsey87
I love how the girls all offer advice now - I hope Millie finds a way out!
7/23 c301 Anonymous
I have a feeling that the house elves are going to assist with the ritual she has set up with Jade and Milan. You’ve already written, in depth, their fluidity with changing their sex many times and maybe this is the time it’ll play out.

The letters signed as a smear by someone who lives by the sea could be a new character who is a seer and lived by the sea or someone within the political know how who lives by the sea. It could also be someone/something who lives in salted water as well. It could be mer people (which we haven’t covered yet), or even the giant squid himself who seems magical and may therefore have a varying spectrum of intelligence.

I’m also going to assume that Hermione’s love interests is going to be a roller coaster of a ride but I’m still catching her interest in Blaise and it does seem mutual so maybe they may end up being the end result but I do see clues leading to a mystery brewing and that needs to settle before anything healthy comes to fruition with them. Draco Malfoy she didn’t take seriously and her expectations of him in your story sounds unachievable without a mentor of sorts. Cedric is seeing what he wants to see and is in an illusion of a relationship, recent chapters show that this illusion is cracking. Fluer is another potential suitor and she seems to align nicely with Hermione, the only downsides I noticed that presents with her are distance (Hermione is making a name for herself in magical UK she’s doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon), problems with heirs in the far future (Hermione is allowing Jade to pave the way), and any dilemmas that arises with Fluer having Vela blood. Tom Riddle has way too much to unpack as a character and there’s a lot of mistrust there and the story is only feeding that mistrust. I don’t think he’s a candidate at all as a love interest, just a convenient power Hermione has in her back pocket for now that has the potential to backfire. Theo wants to take himself out of the list of suitors but he has been eyeing her for a while, whether that is just a passing fancy or a genuine interest is still left to be written. Hermione is turning heads wherever she goes so this lists of suitors will only expand as more chapters are written.

Great world building and character development.
7/22 c268 29Hippothestrowl
About that rabbit death: I don't think predicting it actually made it happen, but predicting it in class made it possible to predict! If Trelawny is used to predicting dramatic events then I don't think she could have predicted the rabbit's death in private to herself because it wouldn't be dramatic enough!

- Hip
7/22 c301 4so perfect it hurts
This was an excellent chapter! I have absolutely no idea who is writing those letters, only faint guesses. It seems impossible that any one person would know all those things except Hermione herself. Is a weird unhinged future Hermione writing herself crazy fan mail? LOL.
I also love the development of the hedge witches but i'm a bit afraid what the ministry will do when they find out that they're practising "dark magic" and i'm also a bit afraid of Clover's response to finally having some power. I'm sure she's not alone in feeling the way she does. This seems like it might get out of hand sooner rather then later. Can't wait to read more.
Thanks for writing.
7/22 c301 Pygmy Hippo
Oooh wild guess here, her fan is Barty Crouch Jr. I could see senior knowing a lot of that information and talking about it at home
7/22 c300 Pygmy Hippo
They’re way too cute! I’m really hoping they're end game
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