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7/27 c303 lucytyrer
Great chapter! Still backing a Harmony pairing: I can totally see a friendship like this turning into a romance. Plus opposites (Griff/Slyth) attract!
7/27 c303 1Arekanderu
Aww this was sweet . It’s nice it’s really their friendship continue to be so strong
7/27 c303 poojithajn10
Harry and Hermiones' relationship is so special and really warms my heart.. please do more interactions of them.. please please even if its just bits
7/27 c303 Capecodcanal
Loved the arithmancy description and that Neville was the worried one. (Ron- seriously?). I’m glad Crooks is on the case and that Dean has a commission! Great chapter- hugs to Harry.
7/27 c303 Silas Serenity
Awww, Harry and Hermione have just the sweetest, purest relationship. I really love it. Her big sister protectiveness over Harry is so endearing. As someone who's always wanted a little brother, it really makes my heart happy to see him have that kind of support. Thanks for sharing!
7/27 c212 3McShizzleSupreme778
I don’t know if you have seen the Broadway production ‘The Newsies’ and if you haven’t, this is not intended as an insult or sarcastic comment, it’s based on a line from a song that is supposed to have a double meaning.

There is one thing Hermione is that I will never be. And thaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiich!
7/26 c302 3PascalDragon
One could say that there is quite some progress for the girls all around with Daphne... uhm... what was the word? Blossoming? And the other two receiving courting gifts though with interesting reactions. Looking forward to how this is all going to play out. :)
7/26 c302 1Gigipink
Hermione girl, please end this already. Save us from the Cedric torture!
7/26 c302 Guest
Ive enjoyed binge reading this entire work over the last few days. Brilliant.
7/26 c185 3McShizzleSupreme778
Wow. That was deep. And really powerful and meaningful. You wrote that conversation incredibly well, it hit all the right spots, and really helped me figure some stuff out. Thank you.
7/25 c63 12excessivelyperky
Ha, Dumbledore backed himself into a corner, didn't he? Serves him right for not noticing that Hermione was Somehow Evil.

Sadly, we all know which category she's in *now*.

But still, to be such a Slytherin that you can fool the Headmaster into awarding points, that's GOOD.
7/25 c302 Lonnmordaren
I just noticed you’ve been posting fanfiction since 2004, before I was even born. I have to say, that is some real commitement!

I read some of your old stories, and the development you’ ve had in your writing is remarkable. This is a top-tier fanfiction, bordering on book.

Do you have an estlmate on how long this story is going to be!
7/25 c302 RubySherhenne
ok so this thought j struck me out of the blue while i was reading webtoons but are hermione's hands connected to blaise in some symbolic way? i remember that one scene he was touching her hands and stimulating the nerves there, and the scene had an erotic/sensual undertone to it. later, when she suffers nerve damage in her hands, her relationahip with blaise also significantly suffers. i feel like this is symbolism i should take half-seriously bc I can't recall any other instance of hand imagery in the story. then again, the idea of "feeling" out (magic) is pretty important to the story but i might be reaching with that one. on an unrelated note, I'm excited to see how this hermione's practicality and unique ethics code will affect her view of sirius, once the truth comes to light
7/25 c302 1Majerus
"I don't want to not court him," Hermione equivocated. "I just… don't want to court him either."
*scratches head*
Sure you do. You spent the whole day with Blaise talking about what a schmuck Cedric is and how he doesn't actually respect your views or seem to even know what those views are. Unlike Blaise, whom you praised for knowing, respecting, and even supporting your views and ambitions.
You're brilliant, but apparently, an idiot when a boy is involved.

I do like Millie though, so I guess I can accept that this drivel where Hermione doesn't even know her own mind is a lead-in for other character stories. bleh.
7/25 c301 Majerus
pushing Clover's covetous mention of power to the very back of her mind.
Well, that's Not Foreshadowing at all... nope, nope, nope!

I would be delighted to help the New Bloods depose the traitorous and weak ones of old.
*cringe* Welp, that rather solves the question of 'is the stalker a problem?', doesn't it?
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