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7/30 c304 Soraslove
Well hermione.. draco recognizes your power and is attracted to you, lol.
7/30 c304 1Arekanderu
Oh now this is a ...sinister turn of events. I can't see Lucuis not planning something terrible

I wonder how much of Hermione reluctance to kill her relationship with Cedric is due to politics and how much of is a simple desire to just not lose something that could be good even if the chances are practically nil

I also can't help but wonder how Slytherins will react when they notice Hermione's new bracelet. I am guessing most of them will buy the protection bracelet cover story but I can see Blaise and a few others who know her well suspect that there is more to it. And speaking of protection I can't help but wonder if the bracelet could help against werewolves as well
7/30 c304 GreenPowerRanger
I am going to die laughing if Draco is trying to emulate Cedric’s hair style in his attempt to get Hermione’s attention. I enjoyed the new chapter!
7/30 c304 21CallaRose4ever
: ) loving the story still
7/30 c304 2maximusrexmundi
Seems pretty obvious to me... Lucius thinks that based on Narsissa seeing her pass pureblood wards, she is fully possessed of the spirit within the diary aka a reborn Voldemort
7/30 c304 Imperfect-BlackAngel
Of course the malfoys realized shes somehow in touch with the dark lord . I'm surprised it took this long . And draco , i want to like him , but it seems like he comes as a package deal with his parents. And it is right Hermione is toying with cedric . She can just tell him that what if she is dark , if such a stupid thing like the colour of magic bothers him , he can just get lost . And where is snape? After hermione paying him for his time , i was hoping for more chapters with snape ! And i want to see dumbledore. And I want to see Mcgonnagal teaching hermione how to cast piertotem locomotor or animagus transformation. I want to see Hermione try to learn as much magic as possible . But all she's doing is snogging and making a house. What good is a house ? You just get a seat on the wizengamot and she can become minister , but thats it !

Anyways , i am just frustrated or sad i guess. I did not clear the entrance for the colleges i wanted to get into. My whole career is gone , i'll mostly end up in a tier 3 college and then regret my entire life.
7/30 c304 kpop1392as
Aww I enjoyed reading this chapter. I love the humor and how the friends joke around with each other.
7/30 c304 3Daughter-of-the-Moon-7
Great chapter! I can’t wait to see how Draco being allowed to befriend Hermione is going to change things.
7/30 c304 Pygmy Hippo
Just what are the senior Malfoy’s up to I wonder!
7/30 c304 LovinqRosiie
ooh! hermione x draco!? :o
can't wait 4 days ;-; aaagh
7/30 c304 17luxsolis
Im sorry, but Draco in puppy love is absolutely ADORABLE! I really do feel like he is the kind of person to absolutely adore what ever women he falls for. I know people like to paint him as a player, but I think his heart would absolutely melt for the woman he grew to love.

So excited at the chance if seeing more interactions with Draco! I really like how you have been growing his charecter in a believable way. Even if they don't end up together, I love the care you have put into writing their interactions.
7/30 c304 75aaronlisa
I love how you are writing the Malfoys. Great chapter
7/30 c304 13Stephanie MRV
Poor Hermione. She should have just dated in secret or kept it to snogging.
I also want to know what is going on in their minds though. Thus has the potential to be good.

Poor severus though. Hermione may attract more attention once her thing with Cedric dies and more boys find out she is available. I can see her using Viktor and/or flour as a shiled next year to "court" and buy herself a year but she may have to choose a husband during 5th. And after "he" returns. Poor girl has to chose soon.

I don't understand how she thought she could avoid this. There is a reason they marry so young in the pureblood circles.
7/30 c304 kelsiecb
I like the idea of Draco and Hermione as a possible endgame pairing for this story but honestly he’s got to grow a spine before anything were to happen there. He’s like a little piece of flotsam, floating along in the currents of what’s powerful people around him want, and Hermione absolutely could not have that in a partner, especially as she grows and becomes more sure of herself and more powerful.
7/30 c304 Guest
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