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7/23 c302 Guest
It’s nice to watch them navigate relationships and what not
7/23 c302 2roon0
Hermione appears to want to have her cake and eat it too. I am not so sure that is going to work and is a relationship with a wizard whole expects a housewitch really what Hermione wants to fight for? She surely has better things to do.
7/23 c302 Deadly Mother
Oh my word, the courtship rules and regulations are just too much. Makes me glad I'm not a teenaged witch.
7/23 c302 2Afanasyi
i love this story so much
7/23 c302 17luxsolis
I'm front the Balkans. We have so many customers around arranged marriages, the courting phase, which doesn't even happen until your engaged really, and the wedding itself. So reading this story is crazy to me, becuase I have never found a character I identify with more!

Once I reached my 20's I said to hell with it and did what ever the hell I wanted, and bucked tradition. Leaving home as an unmarried girl in my culture was unheard of at the time. It was SO worth it though.

I get why Hermione can't do that though. I gave up being a part of my community, so I could have my freedom. Hermione is trying to build a spot for herself from scratch in the Magical Community she is supposed to be a part of.

It's tough and heart breaking the ties they put on women. But unfortunately it is believable. Another great chapter, can't wait to read more.
7/23 c302 General Mac
ooohhh i see a rescue is needed for Millie as well now, thanks love it stay safe and well.
7/23 c260 Whit96
Am I the only one reading this chapter thinking the hilarity Miriam Margolyes would be delivering this.
7/23 c1 31Cathy-Ann
Why Hermione did not get zapped at the Lestrange house when she and Snape went there for the law she worked on for the Silver Wards.

Hermione great-great-relatives on both sides of her family, while squibs, we’re indirectly related to the Lestrange Family, the Black Family and two other families by blood and marriages. As a New Blood as the Seer Luna Lovegoode said she was, Magic also deemed her ‘family’ to the purebloods, whom everyone who was anyone had been intermarrying far too long.

What the Lestrange did not know until they looked on the tapestry in their Library is that Hermione name on the tapestry said ‘Hermione DagworthLestrange-Granger, and thus she was related as deem by magic.
Simply put Hermione could walk through every Lestrange ward as though it was not there, hence no damage done to her.
7/23 c302 heptamorph
I loved Hermione using Neemey‘s convoluted phrasing. It shows her progress, illustrates her confused feelings and (I assume) foreshadows the return of the Brownie.
I also find it very in character that Hermione puts all her energy into projects that affect the happiness of other people/creatures and puts dealing with her own emotions and private business on the back-burner.
The scene with the girls was lovely. You really managed to make me invested in each of their (non-)relationships, just by consistently dropping a line here and there. That’s just excellent storytelling! I wonder whether you omitted Pansy for clarity of theme, since she isn’t of an age, yet (and so she just ended up in the boys’ compartment for the journey) or whether there’s a different reason she wasn’t with them. You’re really doing great things with her. I loved her prickly one-on-one with Hermione and am excited to see her story unfold.
Keep up the brilliant work and don’t listen to the nagging. I’m perfectly fine with short chapters. I can always be sure to have a treat to look forward to, twice a week! This reliability is worth a couple thousand words right there. And those who want more just have to master delaying their gratification for a few more days. Goodness, even smart toddlers can do that.
Thanks again for your awesome work!
7/23 c302 13Stephanie MRV
Hermione is so blind to her own subconscious decisions. She likes Cedric but she knows he is wrong for her. She is disappointed in the match but is willing to stay because her hormones are appeased with with even if her heart and head are not. She also seems incapable of ending it unless she has no other choice. It's how many women women end up in bad relationships. Girls are taught at a young age to people please and compromise. Boys are not.

I feel bad for millie. How about a cheating scandal? Something that gives her an out from the betrothal.

I can't wait for the boys reactions to her hair and jewelery
7/23 c302 21CallaRose4ever
: ) still delighted by this story and loving all the excellent updates.
7/23 c302 Beauty Eclipsed
Poor Millie. Hope the next chapter is happier.
7/23 c302 12Village-Mystic
Good follow-up chapter. Enjoyed the conversations with the girls.
7/23 c302 7Forensica X
Ok that was exceptionally short, and I am sad I have to wait u til Tuesday for more. I’m so, SO ready for Cedric to leave the picture. I don’t hate on him as much as I feel many of the fans do, but he’s just so not right for her it makes my head hurt.
7/23 c302 2ThatGayNerd
Damn held off for a month or two to save up for something to read. Totally worth it. I've honestly re-read this story like 3 times so far? Absolutely loving the story. Hard to believe it's been 300 chapters I feel like I JUST found it. What I would give to read this for the first time again
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