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7/30 c288 Guest
so excited for the next encounter with Sylvia...
7/30 c304 AdrielGrey
7/30 c304 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
7/30 c304 7Forensica X
Lollllll I wonder. I’m interested to see what the parents Malfoy are thinking. Also when will be free of Cedric? I’m starting to worry for his health. Lol
7/30 c304 1leez-bee
Yay! Finally official friends - can’t wait for the next one (: amazing writing as always. Still feel bad about Cedric but they’re just too opposite *sigh*
7/30 c304 Carolina.H.S
I like this Draco, dramione forever
7/30 c304 Soraslove
Well hermione.. draco recognizes your power and is attracted to you, lol.
7/30 c304 1Arekanderu
Oh now this is a ...sinister turn of events. I can't see Lucuis not planning something terrible

I wonder how much of Hermione reluctance to kill her relationship with Cedric is due to politics and how much of is a simple desire to just not lose something that could be good even if the chances are practically nil

I also can't help but wonder how Slytherins will react when they notice Hermione's new bracelet. I am guessing most of them will buy the protection bracelet cover story but I can see Blaise and a few others who know her well suspect that there is more to it. And speaking of protection I can't help but wonder if the bracelet could help against werewolves as well
7/30 c304 GreenPowerRanger
I am going to die laughing if Draco is trying to emulate Cedric’s hair style in his attempt to get Hermione’s attention. I enjoyed the new chapter!
7/30 c304 21CallaRose4ever
: ) loving the story still
7/30 c304 2maximusrexmundi
Seems pretty obvious to me... Lucius thinks that based on Narsissa seeing her pass pureblood wards, she is fully possessed of the spirit within the diary aka a reborn Voldemort
7/30 c304 Imperfect-BlackAngel
Of course the malfoys realized shes somehow in touch with the dark lord . I'm surprised it took this long . And draco , i want to like him , but it seems like he comes as a package deal with his parents. And it is right Hermione is toying with cedric . She can just tell him that what if she is dark , if such a stupid thing like the colour of magic bothers him , he can just get lost . And where is snape? After hermione paying him for his time , i was hoping for more chapters with snape ! And i want to see dumbledore. And I want to see Mcgonnagal teaching hermione how to cast piertotem locomotor or animagus transformation. I want to see Hermione try to learn as much magic as possible . But all she's doing is snogging and making a house. What good is a house ? You just get a seat on the wizengamot and she can become minister , but thats it !

Anyways , i am just frustrated or sad i guess. I did not clear the entrance for the colleges i wanted to get into. My whole career is gone , i'll mostly end up in a tier 3 college and then regret my entire life.
7/30 c304 kpop1392as
Aww I enjoyed reading this chapter. I love the humor and how the friends joke around with each other.
7/30 c304 3Daughter-of-the-Moon-7
Great chapter! I can’t wait to see how Draco being allowed to befriend Hermione is going to change things.
7/30 c304 Pygmy Hippo
Just what are the senior Malfoy’s up to I wonder!
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