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3/18 c16 Cara4Ever
This story is haunting... and beautiful. I don't know if you intended on stopping where you did... but it really seems that the story itself has more to tell. I look forward to it, if you don't mind channeling it.
2/10 c16 14Cissa-Lycoris-Black
This is good .. I'm enjoying the memory flashbacks too.. But who cursed Draco?
Please update again.
6/8/2020 c1 2narcissyy
I skip all the incest part though, can't stand it. But everything else is so good!
6/8/2020 c16 narcissyy
oh my god, this is so beautiful
3/21/2020 c16 Guest
I liked it. Excellent plot and writing. Good job!
3/17/2020 c16 Guest
Beautiful story. I liked it.
11/14/2019 c15 33moody.muddy
Looking forward to the next update
11/1/2019 c15 Lou
Lovely story. Well thought out and written.
I liked Draco's 'ghost' appearance. Nothing better to ease the sufferance of the passing of loved ones than having the dead visit you and sooth your pain -in a All Hallows Eve way and in fics, of course because in RL... Ugh! No, thanks. Spooky!
Nice job. Keep going.
10/31/2019 c15 raingirl71
Wow this is totally awesome, there is not enough stories with a relationship between Narcissa and a friendship between Draco and Hermione, love the memories,.
4/25/2019 c1 Guest
This deserves to be finished. What an amazingly intricate and complex story. Absolutely in love with it.
4/9/2019 c14 Guest
I liked it. Nice work!
3/30/2019 c13 Guest
I want more please. so good
11/1/2018 c11 andak
Aww even I was starting to tear up. This story is going on good. It's making me go a rollercoaster of feelings.
10/18/2018 c11 Lacey h
I hope there’s an update for this soon!
10/12/2018 c10 moody.muddy
Oh I love this story! I need more, looking forward to the next update on this
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