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12/1/2018 c4 3SPQR-Alan
I like the new character and her not caring attitude. Just that there are too many names for her.
9/3/2018 c1 2Flippityflop
I'll just leave notes as I go trough out the story for future readers and myself.

Thalassa- demigod -

In Greek, Thalassa means, "of the sea". Now, I know, let's not assume, but what exactly does someone with "Italian heritage" look like? From what the story provided, a reader could assume white hair like a snow hare and black eyes is what an Italian person looks like. Not that they can't have that, but in the future please... I don't know, add more details to the reason why she looks Italian?

Also, I don't know if you know this, but there were small typos: " what you you..."
"...even with though..."
"...Your my younger sister..."

I hate to burst your bubble, but Hazel's last name, Levesque, came from her mothers side and not some step father. Also, since we are on the topic of heritage, and time is involved, Nico and Hazel came from different decades. Will the meeting between Hazel's step father and Nico's mother be explained in the future? How did Thalassa survive, and is Hazel's step father some mighty deity? This would make sense why she is a demigod.

Many questions and so sorry to interrupt your day! Do not he discouraged from questions,please. It only shows readers are curious.

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