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10/16 c8 HoneyBear84
Loved it
10/9 c1 2Icedev
ya know, i find the srart of this fic one of the funniest things to read unironically.

Harry is planning. He knows his friends are Dumbledores lackeys. He knows his name is going to be dragged into the mud.

So this plan. it's something no one expects. The Dark Lord wouldn't even think of it.

He goes off to join a camp.

It's a complete 180 it had me laughing, I've re read the story but never really got past the fourth chapter because I find the start too funny.
10/6 c8 Lyria17
This was great! I couldn‘t stop reading! The storyline was really interesting. Thanks for writing and sharing with us!
10/2 c8 SpaideZ
Just a Spade casually dropping by
9/25 c3 9Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
Are you mixing up Elk and Moose? Cuz as far as I know, Elk only exist in the states and asia. Not scandinavia.

Harry needs to study history better. Ir is he oversimplifying thing for Hermione?

Hitler was not the problem. As such. The reason the germans were more than happy to step on the jews was because there was a long history of pre-existing suspicion and animosity towards them already. Hitler merely use the ALREADY existing animosity to blame the jews for the current problems gernany was facing. (Which were many, and bad.)

Interestingly enough, Hitler actually did a ton of good things...for germany. Granted, he threw a ton of jews under the buss for it, but fewer jews were killed in that war than many other wars killed other people. Some wars have killed off an entier country's population, but you never hear about THEM. Proboably because it happened in africa.

You still are right in linking him with Voldemort tho.
Voldemort doesn't give a damn about blood-purity. (If he did, he'd have to admit HE was less worth than his followers.) All he did was to fill the power-vacuum left by Grindewald.

When he entered the wizarding world, he found a ready-made army just waiting for a new leader. He simply grabbed the reins.

Once Voldemort is dead, another dark lord will rise up to take his place. Because the problen isn't fixed. And, quite frankly, won't be fixed until at LEAST the adult generation of Voldies followers are killed off. Possibly even their children, depending on how old they are and how intergrated their brainwashing has been. (Raising a child is always a bit of a brainwashing, but in the case of extremists, more so than usual.)

And strickly speaking, Jews kinda are a race -in so far as any such thing exists in humans-. The germans didn't care what they worshipped, but from where their ancestors came. One reason it was so hard for many of them to pretend to just be german was because they didn't LOOK german. The classical 'potato-nose' has been mentioned...

In case you're curious: My theory is that the reason Dumbles gave Ron -of all people- a Prefect badge was because he knows what an jealous ass he is. And -thinking it's a nice thing to do- he wants to help Harry preserve his friendship by letting Ron have something Harry DON'T have for a change, hoping it would calm his jelousy.

Of course, it would only work if Harry HAD been jealous. If Harry isn't jealous of Ron, that badge looses half it's value. If Harry had clearly stated he didn't even WANT the badge because it's work and no pay, it would make Ron hate it. (Once he got over the first pride and his families praised, realized that Harry's act wasn't jealousy and that he actually had to WORK.)

The human psyche is complex and complicated...except if you're Ron. Then it's very, very simple. And could, quite possibly, be outdone by a chimp.

Can I ask... WHY is it that people feel they MUST make dumbledore be evil when they make Harry do anything morally questionable?

Why can't Harry both be morally questionable AND dumbledore the well-meaning, guilt-ridden fool he is in the books?

If you think people won't like him if Harry is more 'evil' than the people he opposes, don't worry. The protagonist are always right, because that's the angel you see things from. (And, in my experience, it helps making him cute. But that may be because my own fics usually start him off as a child. Lol)

Nitpicking aside... You are actually writing quite well. I am looking forward to see how this fic goes.
9/25 c1 Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
I have to say I'm a bit suprised they didn't just take the train to France...all the way to sweeden, really.

(Tho I think you have to switch train in Amsterdam and denmark somewhere...proboably. Never gone to sweeden by train myself. But it would certantly be quicker. ...although I will conceed they might want to keep the pack contained on a buss I guess.)

/facepalms at horribly OOC dumbles. ...I'm tired of arguing the same point with people...

You (and many others) really need this tho: wiki/Wizarding_currency

I pitty the girls... Shopping in sweeden after having lived in england is like... going to Hyde Park to enjoy nature after having lived deep in the Amazon jungle. xD

They'll end up with bad flanel shirts for both genders and jeans. If they're lucky, the jeans comes with the option of black and not just blue! *Laughs* I can't help but think scandinavia is built around H&M being the height of fashion and every other store just copoes them.

I'm suprised he doesn't loose half (or all) his money in poker. I seem to remember this being an integrated part of any and all summer-camps I've ever been too. Lol

Anyway. The story is pretty decent thus far. Keep writing.
9/24 c8 GinnyChase2005
This story is great! This is one of the few fanfics that is written well and has an satisfying ending. Kudos to you for that!
9/20 c6 GriffindorARMY
I feel like I am back in SPM. That Malaysian exam. This chapter made me nervous about to take my exam again. LOL
9/20 c1 GriffindorARMY
I read a lot of your fanfictions. Which I must say all very awesome. I read naruto too. I really love your writing style. They made me forget real world because I am so deep into your story. Keep writing. I look forward for more of your works.
8/27 c8 snamioneBDSMcuriosity
This was a very good short story. It could easily be a very detailed and long successful fan fiction. But still is was very good at showing an independent and intelligent Harry.
8/26 c8 3eeveejacob
Nice plot! Thanks
8/25 c8 Cookie4Life
Where can I go to cry that this amazing fanfic ended?
8/9 c8 Guest
When Harry was achieving all of this in his magical education, I hope that he was also able to keep up with his muggle academical education, too?
8/6 c7 Guest
And did Marchbanks remember to question Dumbledore about Quirrell...?
8/4 c5 Guest
These friends of Harry's he's made in Espen Ally, I hope that he helps them all out, now with his Masters Status?
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