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1/4 c148 CamoMurf
I couldn't help but imagine Obi Wan poking Anakin with a stick like: "Come on, just get a little bit closer to the lava... There we go..."
1/2 c69 A. Nonny-Mouse
Oh my GOD, I love this story so far. Just thought I'd leave a review to mark this... *clicks tongue*... noice-

chapter. Haven't even finished it yet lol. But yeah. This story is amazing. I love it so much, so keep it up! I wish you all the best in every one of your writing endeavors, and happy new years to everyone!

Anonymous, out!

1/2 c138 CamoMurf
Robin: You were watching us?
Qui Gon: Yes. Best reality TV show ever. Even brought over Plo Koon to watch a few times.
12/28/2020 c148 Type40TARDIS
It’s completely fine. Everyone has their own opinions on how they interpret cosmology, Star Wars especially. And while I can blather on about statements until I froth at the mouth, in the end, Bobcat’s interpretations is his own. And it’s always refreshing to see the franchise reflected through someone else’s eyes through the medium of fanfiction. And you didn’t offend me XD. This is all just opinions in the end. Can’t be mad at one being subjective lmao.

Letting people in has always been a secondary extension of the core family theme of Star Wars. The main issue here is the Force quite frankly. A Jedi’s trust in the Force is absolute, it is what makes them a Jedi. A Jedi trusts nothing more than the symbiotic mystic they seek to follow. And Mace has been let down by the support base. This is why the Dark Side is so dangerous. It removes a Jedi from their number 1 foundation. Jedi are conditioned to seek each other out in times like this, but Mace has also lost that support base. Mace can’t reach out because he literally can’t. Everything has been taken away from him and he can’t pull through that.

And while it is logical that Mace would act this way, it is not something I would like to see. It’s just a matter of preference quite frankly. Mace stated himself he’s a pragmatist, and he understands the Dark better than almost any Jedi. It’s just upsetting to see someone who is such a beacon of hope and strength fall in any capacity. This story is one of the few that actually brings Mace back, and it mainly is just painful to see him go dark. Just call it personal preference XD

Tiki should understand what’s it’s like to be left alone in the Dark, as seen by her understanding of Grima’s effect and how many have been corrupted over the years. I would think she would be a bit more olive branch extending in that regard. But it is completely understandable. However, Tiki physically countering Mace was a tad odd. The man is the second most powerful Jedi in history who legitimately bested Sidious in Saber combat (i.e. Sidious allowed himself to get arrogant which caused him to get bested). Just thought that was a bit interesting. But that says more about Tiki than it does Mace :)

All in all, Star Wars is a story of hope. And it’s very easy to go down the path of making Mace fall to use that as a medium to criticise the faults of the Order. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to see that. But I would also love to see the strengths of the Jedi pull through as well. That their attitudes and way of life triumph in the end. Being told things tend to darkness is not as uplifting as one would think.

All in all, I will love it either way. I was many noting how I perceived the chapter through my eyes. I’ve seen too much Jedi bashing everywhere and I guess it’s just kind of stuck with me in the most horrible of ways lmao
12/18/2020 c148 GuestWithIdeas
You know after reading Type40’s comment I couldn’t help but wanting to point some things. To be clear- THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK ON 40 I like what he says and respect his points. I just want to use them as a springboard for discussion and hopefully help the story. Again this is not meant to be offensive, so to both Type40 and Bobcat if this creates a problem I apologize.
First the Mace issue, I think we need to look at his decisions and attitude from a different angle. When I look at Mace in this story I see a man that’s traumatized about the loss of everything he loved, and he doesn’t know how to properly handle it.
What can be done to help Mace overcome that? The best thing to do is letting people in so they can help him cope, very much like the Shepherds did with Ben. This isn’t just a theme in this story or Fire Emblem, Star Wars has done this with other characters and stories. Quinlan Vos and his apprentice Ayala Secura helped each other when they had brushes with the dark, Bastila Shan overcame the dark because of Revan. If you want an example of people overcoming trauma without dark side influence look at the Jedi Exile and her crew, they all had demons to overcome and they did it by working together. Same thing with Cal Kestis in Fallen Order.
Now yes it sounds simple but I don’t know if Mace will get the help he needs. Let’s not forget that Nah tried to get him to talk to her and he shut her out and I don’t know if he’ll listen to Ben either. Out of everyone here Ben can understand Mace the most but I don’t know if Mace will even listen to him.
Now to talk about Tiki. Again 40 isn’t wrong that she doesn’t understand how the Jedi work with the Force, but she does understand that having a connection to it is something of a double-edged sword. For proof let’s go back to the Two Year time skip arc, when she made her official appearance in the story. When Tiki realizes Lucy’s Force-Sensitive and that Lucy is angry at Luke for everything he’s done, Tiki councils Lucy on the corrupting nature of the Force when one is angry. We also need to remember back when Tiki talked with the Father her seals where undone, meaning all of her power is out, she was greatly concerned about that. The point is Tiki’s thoughts on the Force may come from her own experiences with it, but she isn’t completely ignorant about its more negative influences.
Now the whole Tiki not liking Mace bit. Yeah it seems uncalled for but they don’t know each other, not to mention Tiki and Nah have shown to have an incredible Force sense so they most likely feel how close Mace is to going over the edge, they just went about it separate ways, Nah tried to help and Tiki drawing the line. Not to mention Mace didn’t exactly give off a good first impression, hiding in the shadows, ridiculing Ben for not killing Anakin (completely ignoring that Ben thought Anakin was going to die after their duel, or if Ben had gone through it and falling himself), and disapproving of waiting to fight the Sith. Even if they killed the Sith the Empire will still thrive because of the Grand Moffs, but the big reason being people believe in the idea of the Empire, what it means what it could become, and well you can’t kill an idea.
While I like the idea of Mace falling, becoming the very thing he swore to fight against because he couldn’t overcome his trauma, but if he does turn back I won’t complain either, by all means Bobcat go about this the way you want to. Well that became a ramble hope it helps and again sorry if this came off as offensive towards Type40, not my intention.
12/17/2020 c5 Glamroidz
Great story.
12/12/2020 c148 Type40TARDIS
Loved the writing in this, you have really improved. It seems the gang is all together, which is nice.

It does pain me to see Mace like this. It's easy to handwave the guy as an asshole as Star Wars is told from Anakin's perspective in a way, but he can be cold sometimes. But still, to see arguably the most steadfast Jedi who constantly confronted his own darkness and the darkness of others fall in such a way is a bit... sad to be honest. I mean, he was attached to the Republic and seeing it gone would likely drive him over the edge; but after so much shit the guy has received, I would rather see him stumble and work to better himself than completely fall and be given a "Reason you Suck" speech. But that is just me I guess...

Criticise the Order if you will, but the Code helps a lot more than it harms. Sure, people like Kenobi and Luke can juggle attachments and the Light Side at the same time; but most can't. It is easy to read works of people like Karen Traviss and villainise the Jedi. After all, the absolute Good vs Evil ideology that Star Wars embodies doesn't work well with the modern value of Hedonism. Which I find is a shame, because the black and white morals of Star Wars is a stark contrast to most fictional works today.

I do hope Mace works his way around from this, and is not just slammed and battered by those like Tiki and such; who in the end, have NO idea what it like to interact with the Force in the capacity Jedi and Sith do. The Force is a multiplying reflection of morality, ever dark action you take is boosted to the extreme. The Code is so uptight because it has to be. If it is not, falling to the Dark Side would be extremely common, as shown in the time of Revan and Valkorian where making a Jedi fall to the Dark Side was considered easy sport. After the Sacking of Coruscant, so many Jedi turned it was laughable. The Jedi of the Clone Wars, while having their faults, were still the Jedi at the height of their power. And most of the Jedi's faults were ones that were created or accelerated by a new kind of Sith, one that manipulates from the shadows.

It is easy for many to criticise the Jedi, but that is why most of us would be terrible Force Users. Attachments lead to the Dark Side, and one can take that moral message for how it is. Maybe the Jedi were too alienating of those who did have attachments, but after 1000 years of Jedi supremacy and being proven that their ideology was right; can't say I blame them...

All in all, fantastic chapter. Take all the time between chapters you need!
12/10/2020 c148 1Takedo
Your grammar has gotten really good. Before, there were tons of sentences that felt off because it was missing a subject, or you had a period instead of a comma. However, there are around 1 or 2 per chapter, and none in the last few. I'm very excited to see how this goes.

I feel really fucking bad for Lucina, cheering for Morgan/Joan/Deathy, hoping that Grima murders Sudious for what he did to Morgan, and hope that Robin saves the day.
12/4/2020 c148 GhostOperative17
It just occurred to me that very very soon, we'll have Nah meeting Nowi for the first time in this timeline. And she'll wonder how Ricken is doing, and we will all be very sad again. Hopefully we will get to see Nah react to Nowi trying to (and possibly failing at) acting all regal like Tiki again (like when Alfred spoke to them in Ylisstol).

Hopefully Ben realizes the real danger that Mace poses at this point, and takes some action to address it. And Luke will need to keep his guard up.
11/25/2020 c148 Halo
Btw the game SW Jedi fallen order takes place 5 years after the events of order 66, so that means Cal is still stuck on the planet Bracca, working as a scrapper. Seems like Cal won’t be in this story any time soon.
11/24/2020 c148 GuestWithIdeas
A nice set up chapter. First I want to talk about the small details I saw. The first one being Luke’s yellow eyes, I know as a Sith apprentice he had them, but since he rejected the dark shouldn’t his eyes be their normal blue? Now I’m not saying Luke’s on the light side now, if anything he’s a Dark Jedi one that’s stuck in the middle , but even then Dark Jedi don’t have yellow eyes, at least to my memory they don’t.
I’m also curious are Han, Chewie and Hondo still around or did they leave? Realistically they probably left but if they’re around I hope they meet Ben. Hondo for obvious reasons but a surprise fact is Ben and Chewie know each other. In Legends when Ben was a Padawan he and Qui Gon took a mission to help the Wookies colonize one of Kashyyk’s moons, that’s when Ben and Chewie met each other.
I also thought about Cordelia and I can see two things happen to her. One she either gets a new wheelchair or as it’s called in Star Wars a hover chair. The second option is she goes through surgery to fix her spine and months of therapy. The hover chair might be the fastest and the most pragmatic of the two, but Cordelia can’t do a whole lot when she’s confined. I also know that she’s been crippled for almost a year so if the technology is their (and it should since Finn could walk after taking a lightsaber strike to his back) and she goes for the operation there’s a new set of problems. The big one being time the Shepherds can’t stay at one place for too long, so if Cordelia goes for the surgery (I think she should) and the Shepherds have to run she may have to be left behind. The only good news is Cordelia will be in Bail’s care if this happens so the Shepherds can pick her up later.
Once again Tiki shows she shouldn’t be trifled with. I really liked the final scene where she grabs Mace’s hand and he’s startled by how strong she is. Makes me want a scene where Tiki punches someone or something with enough force she kills it. Ideas of fancy aside I’m curious what Tiki’s going to do because of Mace, I can see her telling the other Shepherds to be mindful when they’re around him at the very least telling Nowi to stay away from him.
Speaking of Mace I got this idea that when Obi-Wan and Mace talk it’d be based on Cal Kestis and Tarron Mallicos talk in Fallen Order. I found this video on YouTube called “Temple Guard Cal vs. Tarron Mallicos” and a commentator mentions how both wanted the same thing-change. While circumstances are different the same thing applies here. Ben like Cal knows that the Jedi Order had its faults but it was a force for good and they want to rebuild it anew while also learning from the mistakes of the past. Whether Ben wants to or not he’s going to have to play a role in rebuilding the order. Mace like Mallicos is bitter and resentful for what happened and wants revenge, the big difference is will Mace listen to Kenobi and consider the idea of change or not? It would make Mace’s fall all the more tragic if he did but at the critical moment chose revenge. Well that became a ramble hope it helps and Happy Thanksgiving.
11/21/2020 c148 joeyginise
Progress, slow progress, but progress none the less.

I fear for what Mace is gonna do. Don't do it man, you'll just regret it in the end.
11/21/2020 c148 1Ccmonty
11/20/2020 c12 1BanzEye
Hmm, I wonder who...the apprentice...is...


OH SHEISSE! OH FLIPPING SHEISSE! IS LUKE MAUL’S APPRENTICE!? Holy mother of Jesus effin Christ on toast with marmalade, that’s something I did NOT see coming!
11/19/2020 c4 3A Writer With No Name
Chrom: This is going to be one hell of an adventure.
Me: You have no god damn idea.
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