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7/13 c19 4Charrlizard
Relearning WC3 lore was not unpleasant lol, glad you're enjoying the story. Humans didn't really come around for quite a while, from a Nelf perspective. They're just Vrykul runts, basically. As for allies, the Shifting Sands is depicted as being Fandral's war, and he's a grumpy boi on a good day. Losing his son kind of made him the ideal puppet for the old gods, hence why he was consistently an ass throughout the conflict. We're finally in the time period most people are more familiar with, so stay tuned.
7/12 c20 1vincent1875
Now this is lore that I'm more familiar with. Thought to be honest I half forgot it.
7/12 c18 vincent1875
I was wondering where the humans were in all this. I don't know the lore all that well.
7/12 c16 vincent1875
I wonder why these elves can't seem to stop pushing away allies.
7/12 c15 vincent1875
I'm waiting to see the wild god and what benefits he got from that.
7/12 c13 vincent1875
Some parts confused me here. He went up to meet the Tauren's but the Ashen were already there to watch them spar? Good chapter
7/12 c12 vincent1875
The was quite the long side story to bring us up to speed on his brother. Wonder when we'll meet his sister again. Good story so far.
6/5 c20 PenSnatcher
Love it - really keeping me hooked with the lore but I'm also hella interested in each character and their own 'factions'. Looking forward to more, keep it up!
6/5 c20 4Charrlizard
It's more like half a chapter, but said chapter is also 4x longer than the others tend to be.

Most of the actual warfare of the 3rd war is just delaying Archimonde as long as possible, and we're sticking to the night elven perspective, so there's really not as much as you'd think, since most of it is exclusive to lore characters. I also try not to repeat things people have probably already seen/played. Like WC3's ending. From here on the wars get far more interesting, but the nelves don't really do much until wrath/cata.
6/5 c20 6FractiousDay
Seems a bit much to have the whole of the 3rd war in just one chapter.
2/26 c19 PenSnatcher
Just read through this over the past week and im dying for more. What a great story , keep it up!
1/17 c18 4Charrlizard
If only there was some sort of cat god in Pandaria who could pass on such wisdom.
1/15 c18 Guest
It would be awesome if he would learn chi from the panderans.
9/29/2019 c17 6FractiousDay
I've read the last couple of chapters of this but nothing else. Looks pretty good but I should probably read the start so I know who all these people are and what's going on.
9/14/2019 c16 4Charrlizard
I enjoyed writing it. Almost as much as I'm enjoying refreshing myself on Hyjal shenanigans. That'll be a fun chapter. There's a lot of fun things yet to come. Glad you liked it.
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