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9/14/2019 c16 4Charrlizard
I enjoyed writing it. Almost as much as I'm enjoying refreshing myself on Hyjal shenanigans. That'll be a fun chapter. There's a lot of fun things yet to come. Glad you liked it.
9/14/2019 c16 SpiffyLeaf
loved this chapter :3
8/24/2019 c1 2Jalusk
I’m loving this story and can’t wait for it to keep going. Classic WoW drops in like 2 days and I’m ready to spend way too much time playing it. Much appreciation.
7/30/2019 c15 4Charrlizard
Thanks, glad someone's enjoying it.

As far as elune goes, it was mostly just something that seemed in her character, and our druid would Totally take up an offer like that. Especially from that particular wild god. I'm sure it'll come up again eventually.

I entered this franchise on Day of the Dragon, and the lore never exactly says WHY the bronzes refused to help. Then I remembered the shade Noz threw Krasus, and that was that. Plus, I knew if they were going to be in this story, they needed to be done right. And be properly motivated.
7/30/2019 c15 Felkin
Nice! I come back to the site and see you've updated not once, but twice. I'd meant to check back on this story sooner, but what little free time I've had has been dominated with playing WoW lately. Both classic and the new patch.
Anyways, I honestly really dig both of these updates. And now I also find myself really curious where the Elune part of this story is going. And what that's all about.
I thought you also did a nice job of how you introduced and showed the bronze dragonflight. That was a cool read.
Keep it up, man. I'm enjoying this read as much as some of the Warcraft novels.
Good luck!
7/6/2019 c14 SpiffyLeaf
loving the story, cant wait for more
5/22/2019 c14 Avid reader
The best wow fic i have ever read.
5/12/2019 c13 Charrlizard
Glad you're enjoying! I put a lot of time into him. But that's true of anyone's oc that's also their main.

As a rule I try to keep from changing anything important, just so we don't get alternate timelines. That shits confusing enough without my druid splitting things again. That said, ten thousand years is a LOT of wiggle room, and there are plenty of tales in this world that don't have to revolve around racial leaders, though I will admit, I do like throwing them in sometimes. It's always a nice reminder that as op as he seems, Malfurion (amongst others) is on an entirely different level.

I'm in WoW mode lately, so stay tuned. The next chapters will be out in a bit, before we have another 'break' for...other stories.

5/11/2019 c13 Felkin
Well I just finished binge reading all 13 of your chapters. I've gotta admit I don't usually care much for stories centered around OCs, but you've done a really good job with crafting Laronar.
He's an interesting character. While I've really liked reading a story that's been focused more on Azeroth's past than what I normally read, I'm already finding myself wondering how he might interact with (and change) stuff in the more recent time the Warcraft games take place in.
Also the amount of lore you're including into all of this has been really nice as well.
Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed your story and I hope you'll keep updating it.
Good luck!
12/23/2018 c10 Charrlizard
A one time thing. At first I'd planned to make it last longer, but it was getting cringey, so I scrapped it. She has a crush on Jarod Shadowsong anyways, and I try not to conflict with the canon.
12/23/2018 c11 Linkan201
Is Shandris going to come back into the picture or was that just a one time thing?
12/19/2018 c11 Charrlizard
Glad you're enjoying. I finally got some free time, so expect more soon.
12/19/2018 c11 acherus01
A new chapter already? Awesome!
Loving it, eagerly waiting for more. :)
12/17/2018 c10 acherus01
Wonder if Laronaar and the druids of Val'sharah will participate in the war of the shifting sands. Hope the do. Kinda want to see Laronaar start making his own legend.

Eagerly waiting for more!
11/10/2018 c9 Charrlizard
Worry not, 'tis but a phase. He's very much still feral at his core. As we will soon see.
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