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10/2/2021 c1 moonlightwriter
Aww, happy Lapis made things up again with his sister. And it was great that he got somewhat of a friend group in the end. Nice story!
5/16/2021 c1 5AutumnKL
Good one, there's a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

I like how this deals with fame and popularity and how someone can lose it all in one misstep. It also tackles that not all friends you made while things are going well for you are going to stick by your side once things sour.

Your stories all deal with underdogs in the show and I do appreciate how you made them shine in a not overpowering way. Not a male x male fan myself but the relationship progression between two people constantly belittled even by those close to them was believable. I can totally see this happening in real world.

The narrative is also well done and I like how you gave Lazuli a redemption section of sorts at the end. It's honestly a bit hard to get through the beginning section due to how evil Lazuli appeared in the beginning and what she did to her brother was really despicable but then she underwent a pretty major change at the end and I think it's a rather satisfying conclusion, especially since this was told mainly from Lapis's perspective. It's also a joy to see people slowly coming onto the side of Yamcha and Lapis. Considering the kind of stuff they've been through in the story, they deserved this turn around.

Now onto the more unappealing side. This story comes across as a reactionary piece right from the beginning, especially with it's title and summary, so much so it's a bit heavy-handed imo. Judging from the plot and title, one would expect this story to have came out before DBS when 17 was still considered as an antagonist in the series. In a way this reads like anti-bashing for 17 and Yamcha. In the mid and later sections, it evolves into a friendship/family type of story and I enjoyed it quite a bit as by then, you start to get points across in a more subtle manner.

With all this being said, proper good job. The story delivers what it set out to do and the twist at the middle section with Krillin coming to the house and the rise of Yamcha/Lapis as well as later redemption of Lazuli were all well written.
8/7/2020 c1 derekctomlinson
18 smirking at her husband krillin hey hug me
4/4/2019 c1 Some Random
Cute story

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