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5/8 c18 SupImHere
This story is fantastic! I love the fact that they all still don't know about each other and are just so proud that their teammates are strong. The dynamics are silly and wonderful!
4/28 c18 TenorSax93
This is really good! There's a small part of my brain that keeps hoping Naruto's gonna pull the other two aside and be like "...What do you guys know about Space-time techniques?" and then everyone clears the air about being sent back.

I doubt it's actually gonna happen, but regardless I'm excited to see where this story goes!
4/10 c18 2Kortir
What an awesome story so far. I'm really enjoying it! I've missed this sort of epic humor laden sort of Naruto fic, very few manage to balance story with hilarity so effectively and still have a real length to them. Most seem to fizzle out or turn into a convoluted mess later on as the author tries to hit every single plot and subplot and minor character and mission, which I'm so happy to see isn't really the case here. At least so far? I loved the wave arc, both for how insanely different and fun it became, and for how you took the entire thing and turned it and the civil war on its head right along with canon, and did it in half the time it takes some authors to retell the normal wave arc with barely any changes. The way you write really sells it and makes it a pleasure to read. The first few chapters was the first time in years that I lost track of time so badly on something here. Thanks for that! Looking forward to reading more in the future!
3/20 c18 1Praska Cropher
This is the best, thank you for the chapter
3/18 c18 1eyboT
Nice lil chapter
3/17 c18 EmmaAnna
good chapter update soon
3/13 c18 1Nai Darkor
Poor Tsunade. Also wasn’t the rasengan and sage mode highly dependent on good chakra control?
3/13 c18 2AsBsCs
The last scene was super cute and I loved it!
3/13 c17 1Nai Darkor
If Konoha wants to win a war shouldn’t they just let Tsunade bet on everything but total victory?
That’s a really important question!
3/13 c16 Nai Darkor
Just a little reminder that Naruto never got promoted to Chunin or jonin...
3/13 c15 Nai Darkor
One of the most important thing in every time travel Naruto story - Fixing Gaara!
3/13 c14 Nai Darkor
For the resurgent Uzumaki Clan... wasn't there that one handicapped redhead with the exotic purple eyes?
3/13 c13 Nai Darkor
Sakura is so scary she even terrorises innocent sannin!
And Sasuke scares innocent girls!
The two are a match made in heaven.
3/13 c12 Nai Darkor
Power-up for Sakura, well done!
3/13 c11 Nai Darkor
The (one-sided) reunion between Naruto and Jiraya was just really great!
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