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8/29/2023 c15 Niuzu0130
gotta love this story so far
8/26/2023 c15 Cameron aka Xestigha
love the humor. keep going!
8/22/2023 c15 RageSage
Loved the story so far, eager to read the next chapter!
8/22/2023 c15 IndianaJohhney
Very nice!
8/22/2023 c15 15DarthGhengis
...Dude, I sometimes cannot believe the lines you drop in this fic - they tend to be an unexpected mixture of ludicrous and hilarious! And yes, I was referencing that closing line. Still, definitely made me chuckle!

Also really liking the way you portray Gaara - sure the killing has been toned done, but I feel it fits more into the theme of his village seeing him as a largely unstable weapon that is still more of a benefit than a problem.

Excited to see a change-up in the chunin exams' running! I mean, obviously it would be different considering all the other changes in this story.. but still!

Pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but one of my absolute favourite aspects of this story has been the fact that Team 7 are all back in time, and this story is clearly about all three of them - you seem to make an effort to balance what we see of all of them (really no way to argue any of the three is a larger part of the story than any of the others!) and for what it's worth, I really appreciate that! It's pretty refreshing, and I'm eager to see what will be different in relation to Tsunade.

Also great work at continually showing how much better the dynamic/relationships between Team 7 is now - the small jokes, the inside looks, the syncronized reactions! And all that without any of them noticing they are not alone back in time..

Thanks for the update, loved reading it!

Ps. Oh, almost forgot! Kurama just bashing Shikaku around was a pretty amusing scene - definite sibling energy there.
8/22/2023 c15 Ginocide02
I've just finished reading the whole thing after discovering it this morning. I've had a blast.

You've got me legitimately laughing out loud in public with some of those punchlines.

I'm a huge fan of the whole "everyone thinks they're the strongest" because they don't know that the other two are also time travellers.

Also, I figured that people won't like the Kurenai bit too much. I personally thought it was hilarious. Partially because they're of the same age-group mentally and that Kurenai is "infatuated" with Servant, and not Sasuke himself.

It is slightly disappointing to hear that you won't really do romance on them, while I understand the awkwardness of having their mental age much older than their physical age, I enjoy the flirting tidbits when romance isn't the main focus.

if anything, they could all just hook up together in one big nasty pile for shits and giggles, but I imagine that wouldn't do you much good for avoiding controversy lmao

I can't wait for the next one. You're doing a wonderful job
8/22/2023 c15 2Tenkoraaa
Ayoooo Naruto chill outtttt with Shukaku
8/22/2023 c15 Tenkoraaa
8/22/2023 c15 Brawler883
This is deadass my favorite naruto story I love it so much. Can't wait for the next chapter and more Gaara and Naruto interactions. Keep up the great work!
8/22/2023 c15 yomunot
The dichotomy of whats’s happening in the mindspace and what’s happening in the physical world was a good bit lol

Thanks for the chapter, I look forward to reading the next one!
8/21/2023 c15 3plebston323
"I know I'm not the Sage, but you'll be calling me daddy anyway!" The best line thus far.
8/21/2023 c15 Phazer12
Dude that last line, LMAO
8/21/2023 c15 Muhammad Ibrahim Faisal
Amazing chapter man really love it
8/21/2023 c15 Shadobladez
Dat cliffhanger is hilarious and flows very well, very excited for the next chapter, cheers!
8/21/2023 c15 Kallen21
Can’t wait for the next chapter
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