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3/9 c18 Mitkon2001
Man, just imagine Naruto having the rasenshuriken before Shippiden. Sooo many people would have died. And I totally agree with thinking Jiraiya told Tsunade. She’s like his number 1 friend. He told her everything that seemed even a bit important no doubt.
3/9 c18 yomunot
Good stuff as always
3/8 c18 thomascastillo9987
more please
3/8 c18 DBNY94
Another great chapter, thank you!
3/8 c18 Kagega
I had a good laugh with Tsunades “Stop licking the brightly coloured ones.”. I’m interested to see what new spin on their old techniques Naruto and Sasuke come up with.
3/8 c18 InfinityMask
Love the chapter. And naruto work his magic. Lol.
3/8 c18 Mernom
huh, it's a neat idea to give Tsunade her own Sage mode.
3/8 c18 HalfmoonSilver80
3/8 c18 brachiosaurus
liking the pacing and everything, nice work
3/8 c18 SomeGuyFawkes
Entertaining chapter. Thanks for the update.
3/8 c18 cncman
Entertaining as always! Thanks for writing and sharing.
3/8 c18 Mr.Heller
That's a fun one, Tsunade being stressed out by stupid bs Team 7 does is hilarious, thanks for the chapter, have a good day!
3/8 c18 Victor Ebone
thanks for the chapter
3/8 c18 halberd101
can't wait for wind style
3/8 c18 Guest
Next time: The continuing adventures of Sasuke and his Ara Ara shenanigans. The Onee-San wrangler will strike again.
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