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3/8 c18 halberd101
can't wait for wind style
3/8 c18 empetiness
like a hot chocolate in rainy night
very nice
3/8 c18 Drawman98
Fun chapter. Really like the conversation between Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Kakashi and how Kakashi wants to break the cycle of what happens to team seven. Aso, can’t wait to see the results of their training.
3/8 c18 Teloz
Yesterday I had finished rereading it once more, and now I find a new chapter. I know I've said it many times in the past, but this is the first time I love sakura as a character and I will always appreciate that. thanks for the chapter, let's hope it won't be so long for the next.
3/8 c18 woodxvii
Sasuke bringing another older woman into his life lol, but I like seeing his thoughts. I hope that means we'll see more of shizune too, she's someone who should be a really interesting character but isn't often dug into as much. I like seeing ma and pa too, they have a healthy relationship with their summoner and the entire cast could use more of that frankly
3/8 c18 HyperPanda101
I wonder when, if ever, they'll reveal themselves as time travelers to the other two
3/8 c18 lilhuesos
excellent keep going
3/8 c18 myafroatemydog
Damn good chap
3/8 c18 nimb09
Its always a pleasant surprises when I see this story get a new chapter. I always reread the whole story because of how good and fun to read.
3/8 c18 3savitarsurffer
The chapter is good
so many possibilities
Can you imagine being able to use a seal like the one he has without the presence of Orochimaru plus the power of Tsunade's force seal? Ja she would open good ground and crush anyone who got in her way
I wonder what Sasuke would be like using nintaijutsu and at the same time his sharingan. He talks about killing an ant with a cannon.
And Naruto is already starting to join Tsunade, how cute
3/8 c17 4Monster King
Your story is incredible please continue it
1/25 c17 Justzayne
Praise to you Shaydrall, this is one of the best fanfiction I have read in years and i'm addicted to it. Looking forward to your next update!
1/8 c3 1Wakiyamani
I freely admit, (and I refuse to turn in my man-card for this), but that last scene with Sasuke and Naruto, where there both like 'How do we get that?' A bug got too close to my eye and dropped some dust...

I know kids aren't that self-aware usually, but tragedy makes kids grow up fast, you don't get much more traumatic than the N&S Express. That conversation COULD have happened ... well mostly Naruto talking and S grunting but still...
1/4 c17 TheSupevict
This story has quickly become one of my favourites ever. I love the dynamic you have created with Team 7! Can't wait for more.
12/26/2023 c17 4Juan Miguel
This is my new favorite story and i need moreeee
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