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for Dear Matt

6/2/2019 c20 094jlfj95e
This story is incredible! I just binge-read through the entire thing and alternated between holding back tears and happily sighing, if I'm going to be honest. This is so well-written and raw and I love it! Can't wait for the next update!
3/15/2019 c1 4I am Bird
This fic is honestly so amazing, and I can't wait to read more soon! Keep up the great work, bookmaniac849, and thanks so much for writing such a wonderful story!
3/15/2019 c19 bja133
Ok who was singing in the shower? Lance or Pidge? If it was Lance why was pidge there and if it was pidge she wouldn't be there with Lance because a communal shower would be a dead give away that she is not a girl.
3/3/2019 c18 bja133
Did the Galra like fix what was wrong with shiro because they never mentions it but then I guess it was fixed when he transferred to a clone?
2/12/2019 c14 bja133
who is alan?
2/11/2019 c13 bja133
another great chapter. Really love this story! I want to know how pidge managed all those times to go in the guys bathroom and have to use the stall every time. I guess guys doent notice that sort of thing.
2/5/2019 c12 unavailable.101.goodbye
Colleen helping Pidge is the best and I love it

"She's ready"
2/4/2019 c12 bja133
So when hunk reads her diary does he come across any of this stuff?
1/25/2019 c11 unavailable.101.goodbye
Omg thank! honestly I'm just here for the ride and I adore this concept (v pure) you deserve way more reviews~

I love the idea of Katie dancing! Colleen is...amazing I love her XD
1/16/2019 c10 unavailable.101.goodbye
She pretty much just said "whoops" about getting caught lol
I love Pidge so much XD
11/13/2018 c9 unavailable.101.goodbye
My heart T-T
11/9/2018 c8 unavailable.101.goodbye
*turns to camera* aDaM


10/12/2018 c7 shinoa44
its so sad...but amazing, angsty, and awesome story so far.
9/18/2018 c7 unavailable.101.goodbye
it's short but you convey emotion so well

as someone who has lost a sibling, God, this was spot on
9/14/2018 c6 unavailable.101.goodbye
*looks around* where are all my fellow reviews :O you deserve more! This absolutely adorable!

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