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5/5 c30 AS
Looking forward to the next chapter! A sweet story.
3/8 c8 1i-stan-main-male-characters
i love this
3/4 c30 Abigail
This chapter almost made me cry. Everything about this chapter is amazing, the humor, the characters, and the writing. I know you haven't updated in a while but I hope you continue the story.
3/2 c26 32Jake Crepeau
Wow. This was one powerful chapter. Beautifully done!
3/1 c20 Jake Crepeau
You know, I don't understand why some readers got upset with scenes like this. I don't like "melodrama" either, but sometimes its necessary, and this story is definitely one of those times. What's making it work so well is your pacing. It's not mired down in angst and drama; it's clear, at least to me, that all this is necessary background and is all leading to something.
2/27 c30 GobletCharm74
Thanks for another touching chapter! I'm loving all the Sirius&Harry bonding!

I'm sorry to hear that you've gotten comments complaining about the pacing of the story. It's your story, you get to write whatever you want, and you've been kind enough to share it with all of us. If anyone doesn't like what you're writing, they can go find something else to read, rather than leaving a comment complaining, which is really inappropriate! Please don't feel the need to apologize for writing the story you want to write!
2/27 c30 7Steelcode

2/26 c30 2mooliberry
Out of curiosity, is the song they’re listening to You Will Be Found? Not necessarily time-accurate but it does repeat You’re Not Alone
2/26 c30 23Rori Potter
Powerful chapter. Update soon.
2/26 c30 22GalitMirav
I don't think the abundance of bonding scenes are too much. Sirius and Harry need them. Sirius isn't only just acting like a father to Harry, he's making up for 14 years of Harry not having one. For Harry, the parental love he missed out on for most of his life is hitting him at full force, so it's no wonder he's overwhelmed. And as a reader it's the best kind of break-my-heart-in-a-good-way feeling.

Crash and Burn by Savage Garden is a great song for Sirius and Harry.
Another good song is Carry You by Novo Amor. That came out even later but I think it serves a good theme song for these bonding scenes.
2/25 c30 Dives
Truly emotional . Waiting for the next chapter. update soon please
2/25 c30 510yellow 14
Eh, we’ll call it artistic license.

A really beautiful chapter. It’s a beautiful bonding experience. (It’s worth noting that the Weasley family have listened to the radio in front of Harry) Keep updating
2/25 c30 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Great chapter and rather heart warming. Thanks for sharing!
2/25 c30 154slytherinsal
My deepest sympathy. I've walked in your shoes, so I understand. I hope counsellor helps; I always find writing to be the best therapy even it's only bad poetry.
We all take liberties with the dates because it'a modern, but it isn't.
I recommend Nightwish, Poets of the Fall, and Sabaton.
2/25 c30 2mwinter1
Okay chapter. Seems like the two are stuck in a rut. Awaiting something more.
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