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1/19 c27 ClapOnClapOff
I have never read or seen Cursed Child and have no plans to do so. I agree that the Diggorys where kind of cast off after GoF. I can't believe they weren't hounded by the likes of Rita and the Daily Prophet for some sort of statement. Them saying that they spoke to Harry and believe his story would have changed things drastically. If the Minstry says it wasn't Voldemort and they say it wasn't Harry Potter than who killed Cedric? They could have put pressure on the Ministry to find the "real" killer, publish op-eds, posted reward money for info, done something ala "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" and etc. Their silence in books means they believed it was Voldemort otherwise they would have been calling for Harry's head on a spike every chance they got.

At this point I can't see how it will ever be safe for Harry to go back to Hogwarts. And really how could he with student body and Ministry so against him and Dumbledore in the looney bin? I'm surprised Dobby hasn't made an appearance. He didn't wait for Harry to call him in CoS. You'd think he'd want to check in on his great friend. I was expecting an altercation when Kreacher went to retrieve Harry's trunk.

Is the pacing going to increase? You say 6th year will be dark but right now it's been 27 chapters after 2 1/2 years and we are only 1 week after the graveyard scene. I might be retired by the time we get there, but at least I will have more time to read!
Thanks for the update!
1/18 c27 whiteoaks
Well done.
1/17 c27 7Steelcode
1/16 c27 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Good chapter and great to read how both Harry and Sirius are healing. Thanks for sharing!
1/16 c27 23GalitMirav
I've never read Cursed Child, but I read the Wikipedia summary and that was enough! NO WAY am I considering that canon!

I like what the other reviewer said "Amos and Eileen have more braincells than the rest of the wizarding world combined." Sadly, it's so true!

Sirius and Harry bonding and comforting each other and not wanting to let go. "sniff*
They're helping each other heal.
1/16 c27 154slytherinsal
a beautiful chapter and well worth waiting for and the extra wait imposed by FF who had to get their thumbs out of their arses long enough to post it instead of a notice saying this material is not available. It's doing it to every story I'm following at the moment - this, too, will pass.

there are many disturbing things in canon where the whole wizarding world show the emotional range of a teaspoon. I've not read Cursed Child, and I confess I am glad. Deathly Hallows was enough destruction of the magic of the series.
1/16 c27 1Nanettez
I am interested in what you said about the Cursed Child. I decided not to read it as I did not like what I heard. I just switch it off as if it never existed.
I often wondered why Harry and Ginny gave a son Severus as a middle name. Cedric would have been a better choice although I do not like the name
1/15 c27 49Venquine1990
Now that's what I'm talking about. I can only imagine what those two are going to do, though at the same time I also wonder something. Is Grimmauld going to be Order HQ again? And if so, are we going to get the same Molly-Sirius confrontations as in cannon?
I don't really think it will happen as it seems as if you are already turning Sirius into a much calmer and more serious kind of man than he is in canon, but I just thought I'd voice my curiosity - and prove how deeply I enjoy this story.
What happened recently was harrowing. I admit that I often act like an ostrich or a hermit when it comes to watching the news and I guiltily admit that I didn't discover about the horrible attack until earlier this week. I live in Europe, yet my heart goes out to all those who got hurt or worse in that terrible event as well as their loved ones. Stay strong and know that those who care are thinking about you, even now.
1/15 c27 514yellow 14
There is no Cursed Child. The Cursed Child is a myth. A nightmare that I don’t even acknowledge. It doesn’t exist. At all. All claims that it does exist is false.

Recent evidence have been messy. Stay safe.

Onto the story...that letter...I loved it. It’s beautiful

(The rest of the chapter is great as well, but that really stands out.) Keep updating
1/15 c27 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
1/15 c27 5DestinyDragons101
Amos and Eileen have more braincells than the rest of the wizarding world combined.
1/15 c27 GobletCharm74
1/15 c27 23Rori Potter
Oh my. Wow. Update soon.
1/5 c26 7Steelcode

1/4 c26 AS
Can't wait to see how the Diggory's loan support to Harry - what a kind letter for him to have written.
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