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19h c3 surya25addanki
This has a soothing feel to it
10/22 c2 Guest
Good worldbuilding, a little dry.
10/22 c2 nanosaurous
Yay you updated please write more :)
10/22 c2 TheScottishLegend
10/22 c2 Midoriryu
So, a blend of Dresden Files, Harry Potter, and your own unique twist on things. Very interesting indeed.
10/22 c1 JekzrV3
I love this concept!
10/22 c1 5Wu Gang
Well, I suppose I'm not the same as I once was.
10/22 c2 smarak.mohanta26
The chapter seemed rush,it's like it's been written by a different author
10/21 c2 1Grey Raven 09
Oooo, another compelling AU. Hope to see this one grow. Very neat start, and can already see endless possibilities for it.
10/21 c2 Caro
Sounds interesting...
10/21 c2 Guest
Hi, Dresden Files.
10/21 c2 46Element's Sole Protector
Wow! I typically limit the amount of stories I choose to follow that have older "last updated" dates, but every so often I find a real gem and hit the button anyway. "Hey, you never know." This story attracted my attention a few years back and I'm thrilled to see it get another chapter, especially one that gets things moving so quickly and establishes more of the AU.

Thanks for coming back! Hope you're doing well in these tough times.
7/5/2020 c1 perseus365
Is this going to be updated?
4/8/2020 c1 NineYetis
This had promise, would have loved to read more.
11/15/2019 c1 Jason16
Ok this needs An update this is probably the most au fic I’ve ever found and it starts off strong I am looking forward to further updated
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