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for The Spider and the Fly

9/9 c5 Noy
Your characters are rather dense.
Phaedra for entertaining the thought of giving Harry to Voldemort and Harry for not pointing out that by doing that she would sign her own death warrant. Voldemort would quickly understand that Phaedra knows too much and that he should get rid of her because she would be a very serious security risk to him, one he very obviously would not tolerate.
So why is it even mention ?

The fact that Phaedra doesn't seem interested in helping Harry shows an astonishing lack of intelligence, she should realize that the knowledge she now possesses will make her a target if Voldemort was to be made aware of it, that fact alone should decide her to help Harry if only to guarantee her own safety because Voldemort is now a potential threat to her.

I have a hard time believing Phaedra could be the ultimate black widow she is presented as, she lacks the intelligence, foresight and simply survival instinct to remain alive for long in the kind of world she would have to pull though.
7/28 c1 Redstoo
She definitely talked about bj, that or I have read so many adult jokes that I can't be a virgin anymore lol. But Phaedra is an interesting character, just love how she describe her conquests like reviewing an alcohol beverage.
5/21 c5 11stevem1
This is very dark. There is also a great story surrounding all the sex. Mrs. Zabini gave Harry some excellent advice. Let’s hope he’s smart enough to take it.

I wonder if her refusal to kiss was either: 1) A nod to the Pretty Woman movie; or, 2) a clue that she’s a succubus?
2/3 c5 major wallace
Nice work
1/17 c5 J
This was quite enjoyable. I’m pleasantly surprised
1/11 c5 14Freddie Rindklip
Much darker than I usually read. I must be in an unusual place for me. Thank you for writing.
1/6 c5 Guest
Wow, that was intense. I wouldn't say I liked it, but it was riveting and very well written. It's almost more of a horror story, despite the sex, which was still pretty hot. This was like the total opposite of the Angelina story.
12/1/2020 c1 kekbekmekflekwek
Also, I didn't realize how much of a pedo you come across, but wow. Thinking back after reading this garbage just makes me believe, 100%, that you're a disgusting being. Underage, and "consenting" under duress? You're disgusting.
12/1/2020 c5 kekbekmekflekwek
10/8/2020 c1 2Q genna
I think what is surprising about this story is labels. Dubcon?

There is no consent under duress even if the duress is not real. If the victim believes they can't get out; consent is not possible.

Thank you so much for the Quaffles and Broomstick story that was beige compared to this.

I'm going to stop right here. Blaise and HP are the same age. It's like a flashback to childhood with a addict parent.
8/13/2020 c5 Guest
What... huh...i don’t know what to even say...
8/9/2020 c5 ChangeMe4574
That was...terrifying. But hey, maybe the leftover PTSD would get Harry to actually become competent and the next time wouldn't be the same. Here's to that idea.
4/23/2020 c5 Guest
Upload the epilogue pls
2/15/2020 c5 Guest
I really really want to kill you
12/6/2019 c5 Proll
I don't like this wimpy Harry.
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