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21h c26 JasonSkeans
ruby could be in multiple clubs
12/7 c12 JasonSkeans
15 million is low there was a war in Africa that had more then ww1. ww1 had 20 mill ww2 had 5 times more dead
12/7 c2 JasonSkeans
pretty sure dinah and green arrow could kick there asses
11/23 c76 Lucas
I can guess there will be later chapters based on Batman the Brave and the Bold episodes like When Omac Attacks, Clash of the Metal Men and the Siege of Starro. I can tell you all that RWBY x Justice League comics with Remnant versions of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and others teaming up with team RWBY to save their friends JNPR and whole Remnant from evil alien Starro the conqueror.
11/8 c76 Guest
By the did Wonder Woman join the Justice Society?
11/5 c76 kmfemkdmfkgkr
Why didn't Justice League call Firestorm to help them make dust? With his help, they could have gotten dust in a few weeks.
11/4 c10 4Coment9
Bookmark number three
10/25 c76 5Zealswordsmen
My favorite part in this fic is Ozpin and Brainiac discussions. Thats like 4 chapters buit are my favorite part.
10/23 c63 eliza styczen
I do wish there will be few chapters based on episodes of Batman the Brave and the Bold series like Night of the Huntress , Return of the Fearsome Fangs and the Siege of Starro. Speaking of Starro i liked justice league x rwby crossover comics and the main antagonist of the story Starro so maybe later there will be Starro arc story?
10/23 c76 dragon44pride
Any chance you have an ETA on the next chapter?
10/22 c38
What happened to Louise Lincoln the original Killer Frost and Crystal Frost? Caitlin Frost I heard redeemed villain to become a hero, will it be the same with her in this story? What about Cisco Ramon aka Vibe and Boomerang son Owen Mercer? Bloodsport, Abner Krill AKA Polka Dot Man, and Ratcatcher and Ratcatcher? Bronze Tiger? Keep up with the great work.
10/18 c76 Guest
Is it possible for such teams as sssn and cfvy to appear on earth?
10/18 c1
By the way what happened to Bat Lash and other Wild West Heroes? I hope to they will appear in the future?
10/18 c76 gu1e2st
saw someone throw around ideas for HoJ fanart on SpaceBattles the other day from the New York Comic Con. not sure if this is the right place to request but just in case any fan artist does see this, i think it would look really cool if there was fanart of all the characters from RWBY in their HoJ look done in styles like Bruce Timm and Shane Glines.

just thought that Justice League Action and DCAU looked pretty cool and wondered what RWBY would look like in those types of shows
10/15 c76 5patrickthenobleman
Before I started reading this story from the beginning I took a look at this, the most recent chapter, to try and get an idea of what the story would feature.
I've been a life long fan of DC's heroes.
I only fairly recently feel in love with RWBY.
But when Scooby-Doo entered the fray...that meant I definitely needed to read this story and now I proudly count this as a favorite and cannot wait to see more now that I'm fully caught up.
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