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11/27 c67 Orbitor
Another breaking speech for Raven Branwen to entertain the reviewers.

Damian (to Raven Branwen): You claim to be strong!? You are now a slave of Brainiac! So therefore he controls you as well! Tell me, how does it feel like to grow weaker and weaker, how does it feel that you cannot live up to your own social darwinist views since there are countless others who are stronger, is that why you are so desperate and cowardly!? All see it clearly, without the Spring Maiden powers, without your tribe of mongrels, YOU ARE NOTHING!"
11/26 c67 Orbitor
Another breaking speech to Raven Branwen for satisfaction to reviewers.

Raven Branwen: Where're you going? Don't tell me you're cowering out already, and only thirty seconds into the fight.
Catwoman: Who said anything about running? I'm not afraid of you.
Raven Branwen: You should be. Everybody in Remnant knows not to mess with me. I've known powerful huntsmen to cower when I come walking through.
Catwoman: For what, being an incessant nag? I mean, your motives aren't exactly Grade-A villain material, and this is coming from a gal who actually interacted and sparred with powerful huntsmen like Yang. Leaving your husband and daughter to stay with your bandit tribe to feel in control? How superficial can you get?
Raven Branwen: [fires a projectile into the rafters, destroying a light fixture] Where are you!
Catwoman: I wonder what you were like when you were, assuming you were ever a woman to begin with? I'll bet you grew up in the streets. Gangs took advantage of you since you lack originally lack a semblance and is too cowardly to fight. Maybe you weren't much skilled on your own at all. I can imagine all those huntsmen not wanting to do a thing with you because of how weak and cowardly you are.
Raven Branwen: Hey, I am the Spring Maiden and hunstwoman , not you! If you're tryin to turn the tables on me, it's not working!
Catwoman: So, then you decided to assassinate the previous Spring Maiden, who probably was tired or something, and the first thing you go and do is become a bandit to sacrifice people to the Grimm. Lovely career choice, though that still doesn't explain the slave of Brainiac thing. [rubs chin in thought] Oh, I know! You wanted to be one of those weak willed servants of alien warlords, right? The kind that get complacent off of working under orders of someone stronger than you or get ignored because said warlord is tougher than you? Surely no one would focus on you if you were just a glorified slave, though I can see that it didn't pan out.
Raven Branwen: Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!
Catwkman: So, the Spring Maiden Raven Branwen is really just a cowardly and weak willed little girl trying to act tough when in reality she isn't, and you tried to prove yourself strong by being a social darwinist and serving a robotic alien. Yeah, like I'm verrrrry frightened. You want me to get you some tissues for your pathetic story? Maybe give you the number for the Self-Help Club for weak willed, cowardly hags?
11/26 c67 Orbitor
I gotta say, it is pretty impressive. This Green Lantern arc is awesome. I am glad you showed the Green Lantern Corps as competent warriors.

The best part is where Hal Jordan easily counters and fights Raven Branwen. I wished she was captured though.

So I am thinking of good "Reason You Suck Speeches" for Branwen to satisfy a lot of reviewers and fans who hate her. Like this one where Captain Marvel gives one to her considering he is a friend of Yang and hates her for what she did when Yang told him.
Raven Branwen: Who do you think you're talking to?
Captain Marvel: Not a strong fighter, I'll tell you that.
Raven Branwen: Shut your mouth!
(Captain Marvel flies up into the rafters)
Captain Marvel: You couldn't handle the thoughts there are others stronger than you, probably why you chose to abandon Yang.
(Captain Marvel uses a lightning bolt to knock Raven Branwen's weapon out of her hands)
Joker: Don'tyou dare play psychoanalyst with me!
Captain Marvel: Oh, I don't need a degree to figure you out.
(He uses another lightning bolt to drain the power in the room to make it dark so Raven Branwen can't see him)
Captain Marvel: The real reason you joined Brainiac because you are a coward and can't admit that there are others stronger than you.
Raven Branwen: I'm not hearing this...
Captain Marvel: Get a clue, lady! Abandoning Yang and purposely helping Brainiac attempt dissect and stop your brother from escaping is cowardly. Your tribe's view on the
whole 'strongest ruling over the weak' motto is no excuse, not that you ever were strong.
Raven Branwen: Shut up! Shut up!
Captain Mavel: I mean, sacrificing people to Grimm, helping Brainiac, then selling out your own brother? Lame! Where's the "A" material? Something!
Raven Branwen: Show yourself!
Captain Marvel: You make me laugh...but only because I think you're VERY pathetic. (starts laughing)
Raven Branwen: Stop that!
Captain Marvel: So you stole the power of the previous Spring Maiden, left the Xiao Longs because you were afraid, and decided to be the slave of a Coluan. What? You couldn't get work as a cleaning lady maid? (laughs again)
Raven Branwen: Don't you dare laugh at me!
Captain Marvel: Why? Your acts are so pathetic that they are laughable( laughs again)
11/22 c67 22Smashing Skunk53
I gotta admit, I found the arc kinda ehh, for a while. Maybe cause you have made Brainiac pretty dang close to be the near undefeatable force as he is protested in most media, but the ending was a nice conclusion to it all!

Honestly, I was expecting more gut punches.
11/20 c67 Guest
Good job,but I still hate it that you break up Jaune and Pyrra,I like ther pairring.
11/19 c67 1shadowdawn7971
Finally finished this after getting sidetracked by Boldores and Boomsticks. This has been an awesome ride. I'm seriously looking forward to the continuation and seeing Qrow's reaction to his nieces becoming superheroes. Willow got out as well, so what is she going to do when she gets to Earth? I can almost see her trying to forbid Weiss from continuing as Ivory Mage out of simple motherly fear of losing her again. And what will Whitley do? In canon, he was both an arrogant snot and compassionate. He could go either way, particularly after what he went through. He might end up blaming Weiss and Teams RWBY and JNPR for what he experienced and go supervillain.
11/16 c67 6Crossovernaru
At long last, the arc I've been waiting so long to see has come to a close. I must say that you guys really outdid yourselves.

Not only were there intense action and fight scenes, but I also loved the dialogue between characters as well. It flowed really well and was a perfect fit for every character. And there were plenty of awesome moments to boot.

First off, we have the Remnantian's perspective of the Green Lantern's fight with Brainiac. I loved seeing so many people on the brink of defeat and hopelessness have their spirits raised thanks to Kilowog and the others.

Then we have Qrow taking on Raven in an intense but also emotional battle too. I loved seeing Qrow call Raven out on her actions and seeing her lose her cool. But that scene where Hal dropped in at the last minute to save him was just so unbelievably cool. Especially the line he used on Raven. It was also pretty fun to see how a Maiden fared against a Green Lantern. I really like the interactions between Qrow and Hal, and seeing Qrow learn more about other Human species in the cosmos.

Then we have Penny vs Kyle. Watching the two fight while Brainiac possessed her was an amazing scene to watch and seeing Penny struggle for control against Brainiac was very impressive. Alas, it seems the fate she suffered in Amity in the canon timeline, has finally come to pass. Her sacrifice was truly noble. That said, I am very glad to see that Kyle was able to keep her alive and prevent the Maiden's power from returning to Brainiac's clutches. I'm eager to see Kyle and the other Lantern's reactions to learning more about Penny and how she has an actual soul.

A third interesting thing to happen in this chapter is that we finally learn that Brainiac was keeping other Remnantian prisoners. I admit I was expecting there to be more Remnantians rescued, but I was certainly not expecting Willow and Whitley to be among them. I admit that I've always been intrigued about Willow. By introducing her into this story in such a manner you create an opportunity for her character to further develop. I'm also eager to see how her and Whitley's treatment under Brainiac's clutches will influence the latter.

As for Jacques, I've never liked him and after learning that he sold out his wife and son to save his own skin, I despise him even more. I hope that the next time Willow sees him, she'll punch him in the face.

In any case, the outcome of this battle ended up better than I could have hoped for (I mean you guys even brought in Mogo himself!). Now that Brainiac has been forced to flee and recover from his loss, he is already planning his comeback and from the looks of it, he seems to have some dark plans in store for the Remnantians.

On the other hand, Qrow, Penny, Willow and Whitley have been saved by Hal and the other GLs. Now I am very excited for the eventual reunions between Ruby and Yang with Qrow, and Weiss with her own family.

As for Penny, it seems she is going to need some serious help to purge herself from brainiac's control and be back to fighting strength. This is why I'm glad that Cyborg will be the one to help her and I'm looking forward to seeing the two meet.

While I cannot wait to see what happens next, I understand your desire to take a step back from HoJ and focus on your other stories (I myself am eager to see new updates for Outsiders). I eagerly await the next chapter of HoJ in the new year.

So once again, job well done on yet another incredible chapter and keep up the good work.
11/10 c67 Guest
Hello, I am a humble fan of this work, and hope you be able to continue this and your other works in the future. One question I have is if you might use BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle in this story and in what capacity, as it seems like a fun idea, either it being permanent, canon or not.
11/10 c35 1shadowdawn7971
Okay, you did it with this Chibi chapter. Specifically with Ruby's Emoticon's.

Normally, I wait till I catch up on a story before favoriting it. Even then, I don't usually favorite an author unless there are multiple stories of theirs I want to read. In this case, you're getting both for making me cry.

No, seriously, I cried.

Why? Ruby's Hope. The way you had her look up and even when her other Emoticon's didn't realize who the final clone was, Ruby did and more importantly, who she saw as representing hope in the real world. The scene was perfect and honestly, I'm glad it is canon.

I've got a love/hate relationship with Superman. I hate him because so many authors do such an injustice to the character and they make him all about the power. They ignore what makes Superman so darn human. The most human of all the Justice League, in my opinion. And they so often forget that what Superman is to everyone else, the whole reason he does what he does, is to live up to that symbol on his chest. Hope. It is who he is.

That is also why I love Ruby Rose so much. Yes, I fell in love with her character design when the Red Trailer hit but the show cemented her as one of my top 3 superheroes. Ruby is hope. She always looks for it and always tries to inspire it, even when things seem so dark.

So thank you for bringing that out in your story. You've shown both characters in their best lights, written them in manners that I feel are befitting them and the legacy one has already laid and the legacy the other is forging.

I'm off to go back to reading now. And hopefully not crying.
11/10 c30 shadowdawn7971
Okay, so I was going to hold off until I got through everything and was caught up before reviewing. However, after the 'Ruby directing the Air Ships' section in this chapter, I just couldn't. I'm reading this at work and I was laughing so hard it bled into my voice and tone while answering the phones. That cheerful and upbeat tone managed to net me 3 payments from customers. So thanks for the hand!

I'm really enjoying things so far, but I've got a ways to go. Looking forward to reading therest.

Oh, and you win the award for the funniest typo in an earlier chapter. I love how Weiss was comparing the Mayne Manor to the Schnee household. And no, that wasn't a typo of mine. I couldn't stop laughing last night even knowing it was an accident.
11/7 c67 12chidoriprime
I vote to throw Jacque Schnee out the nearest airlock. Who's with me? At least Team RWBY will be getting a much welcome reunion soon.

Although, if Qrow reveals what Raven has done to stay alive, Yang is going to burn whatever bridge Raven tries to build with her. Not surprising, but Raven has no one to blame for her screwups but herself, and hope she starts getting some major karma soon.

But not all is good news. While the Green Lanterns did deal a big win on Brainiac and give the bottled cities hope, not everyone is feeling so happy, and their attitude could create a future problem (Ironwood).

And Brainiac is LIVID. Whatever tests he was running on the Remmantians is going to be nothing compared to what's to come, I'm certain of that.
11/7 c1 ExploerTM
Ok, that was one hell of a start, legit can be posted as a oneshot and still get a lot of favs
11/4 c2 Rakkis3059
Great chapter. I wish I had found this story sooner. I loved the wake up scene. And THANK YOU for the language barrier. So many crossovers have different worlds and universe speaking the exact same language.
11/4 c1 Rakkis3059
An amazing and great wrenching first chapter. Wonderful displays of emotion. I almost cried when Ruby did at the order to retreat. The fight scenes are fantastic. Especially the fight with Brainiac.
11/3 c67 3Alexbaker42
this was a fun, also will we ever see Team Rwby in the Flash museum with Barry as their tour guide?
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