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11/27 c72 7Mkchief34
I must ask…seeing as Chronos will be featured…does that mean a forward jump to Neo-Gotham like in “The Once and Future Thing, part 2”? Because if it does, I am really hopeful that Terry McGinnis and Rex Stewart might make an appearance.
11/20 c72 JC
Great,I like to see Team JNPR be the focus of a story in future.
Maybe Vs Royal Flush Gang.
11/14 c72 Guest
i wonder is next chapter going to be an all batman chapter as a tribute to Kevin Conroy?
11/15 c72 1Pedro Alonso Buby Huayanay Zamudio
well I have to say that the reaction that both had to the chaos that exists in metropolis was great also if you are right cyborg and penny are like brother and sister also about what you said in what they do qrow, willow and whitley it was seen how they live their life although it is obvious that there will be more like maybe whitley who was seen to have started training maybe he will ask qrow to train him to be better even be a vigilante, also on that lobo issue ... well if he is an idiot yes but a anti hero I think so? maybe he gets involved as a reward or maybe he tries to flirt with yang, blake or willow, also if the specter scene with salem was great it was good great in how he gives him his justice ... also about a thing about before being a couple penny hmm i don't think she and ruby would be that since their friendship seems to be pure and in that sense as if they were both sisters who would help each other since if i had an opinion i think penny and whitley would be better since they both seemed to be like a robot that received orders and a puppet that had to obey besides that penny would approach him due to his ... lack of company, also good cameos from camp camp it was great to use them
11/13 c71
There is a game coming in two days called RWBY: Arrowfell? Hope you had plans for it? Keep up with the good work.
11/12 c72 Guest
we just lost Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman for 30 years.

In Memory of Kevin Conroy.
11/8 c68 Omar
actually now i have a question, in my memory there is no mention or anything like that of the summer maiden, so i decided to search again, check again to see if i found anything and unlike the other maidens, really no information at all, no current or previous users, power is basically like lost, no one knows where she is and with whom, so how are you going to work the summer maiden thing? are you going to create an OC or are you going to give it to some random character or how are you going to do that? because according to FANDOM the summer maiden has no known previous users and the current bearer is not known either
11/6 c67 Wendy
a part of me really wants yang to become the spring maiden, i know it will sound cruel, but although i believe in redemption i must admit that using characters who really deserve it as a punching bag i admit that I find it very funny, a part of me really wants Raven not to be locked up or anything like that for her crimes, just that when Brainiac goes down that she is just left alone, now with nothing and no one, that she find out that in fact Salem can die as the specter has shown, it sounds cruel but I really really want Raven to suffer seeing that everything she has believed so far is not 100% true and that she made every mistake she could have made, and that having nothing is her punishment for everything she did, basically when all is said and done a part of me wants raven's punishment to be the realization that she's just not welcome anymore and she's alone
11/4 c31 leoromerocalvo
This one is even better now, because thanks to the last dceased comic, “dceased war of the undead gods”, we know Brainiac was cut in half by the undead Darkside, hahahaha
11/1 c72 Guest
Since the movie came out, could you do a black adam arc in the future. You based the Shazam family off of the movie so could you do the same for Adam. I kinda like to see how rwby and jnpr would view him after hearing his origin
11/1 c71 GothmogOnslat
Just had an epiphany! The best person Salem can look towards….Zod!
1. They both lost a world, and would sympathize with each other.
2. They were working to remove petty and dispassionate leaders, one way or another.
3. Brainiac is both their enemy, and would likely unite at the opportunity to kill him.
4. Zod and friends can become the most overpowered army in the universe after a sun filled vacation in Hawaii. Salem has a talent for operating behind the scenes, is as invulnerable as Savage, and has magic.

They would be ideal allies against Brainiac, at least temporarily.
10/29 c72 1Ultimatrix bearer
The joker is an agent of chaos. You are a conductor of chaos LOL.

A Little disappointed Penny isn't going to be a part of the time heist but at least you gave a valid reason for it.

10/27 c64 leoromerocalvo
I don't think it's going to happen but I'm going to say it anyway, I would definitely like to see a Crossover between this and “Injustice RWBY” by “MechaG11”, it would be interesting to see the reactions of your versions of the RWBY characters that are now superheroes, seeing that the same thing that happened to the justice league that turned them into the justice lords, also happened to them in another world, that for one reason or another some abandoned their ideals to become bad guys by joining the regime, and then there’s phyrra who became a black lantern monster
10/24 c67 leoromerocalvo
rwby characters won't get rings? too bad, i admit i was hoping we would have something like what happened in the blackest night event, where a lot of characters became temporary/honorary members of different lantern corps
10/22 c72 Guest
just a simple question are you gonna plan a timeskip after brainiac where darkseid becomes the actual final antagonist since he's very much the strongest in the universe.
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