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for Forgotten But Not Lost

4/1 c32 XD
I was dying off laughter for most if not all of this chapter
3/12 c33 1Panjason
It’s a shame. I like your Storm of blades, but a character study of Shirou could get interesting with this Shirou whose ideal of Heroism of justice got wiped away. You’ve achieved the high quality of maintaining believability of Shirou and Rin for the matter.
Yume could help Shirou gain back a purpose other than help Rin but then that might be unnecessary. Honestly the sky’s the limit for this beautiful set up you created. ‘Tis really a shame this fic’s likely dead forever.
3/5 c32 2TsknRaider
This is the best Grimgar work I've found on the net. You should be proud. Shame it looks like it's been abandoned. I didn't even like Grimgar until I read this.
1/6 c25 IsekaiFanBoi
What would happen if Shirou traced rule breaker and used it on himself.
1/1 c34 Guest
I hope you get around to writing this story more. I love were it is going and want to see more of it.
12/20/2020 c1 hobbes319
why are you using the f slur so much?
12/16/2020 c34 13Have a Little Feith
Damn. This was getting good, too. Hope you continue this at some point!
12/6/2020 c34 mohka
This is pretty good. Sad to see it has not been updated in a long time
12/5/2020 c34 all forms of fluff
First time through.

Never read or watched Grimgar before so I can't comment on the lore and if you are breaking it or not. However have read quite a few of your other stories I am confidant that you've stuck to your guns and done your research on the world that Forgotten but not lost is taking place in. I do like that you have totally nerved Shirou's OP status thanks to Unlimited Blade Works. I do wonder where the beach vista that replaced his unlimited world came from.

grammar mistakes have dwindled near the end of this story so kudos for that. There isn't really much to comment on in this story really. the main thrust of this story that I can pick out is that Shirou and Rin are looking into the tower, they are bad assess, and that they can in some way fight the counter force that is making them forget and molding them to be champions for the world they have been kidnapped to. Not a lot of progression has been made to tell a story that isn't in some way commenting on how badass the two are, or attempting to be humorous. The humor falls flat to me, mostly because you are going for a sight gag that just cant be pulled off in the printed word.

I'm not saying that the story is bad, just that a lot of it seems to be filler, OR, that you have no actual goal in mind for the end game of this story and you just wanted to see what Shirou and Rin in Grimgar would be like. To be honest it isn't their sections that I'm not enjoying. It's everyone else. I probably wouldn't even have that gripe but you're notes at the end of the chapters take all of the antisapation out of the story. You straight up told us that a lot of the party that starts with Rin and Shirou is going to leave which made me not care about any of them. I knew you were keeping the Chibi explosion girl because you seem to have a thing for cute girls do cute things. But the rest I was just reading to make sure they didn't mention anything of realavence to Rin or Shirou. And to be honest I kind of thought you were goin to make Sara a Darkness character when you said that she was far sighted and couldn't use her sword up close I fully expected her to shield the party with her body, since you borrowed from Konosuba already.

I think I kind of know who the No-life-king is in this world. Zelretch. And it would explain why Rin and Shirou is there in the first place, or rather why Rin's crest has the knowlege to map other worlds. I imagine that this version of Zelretch was affected by the counter force and lost his ability to access his other selves. And some other version of himself sent in his apprentice and a body guard to find out why he disappeared from the kaleidoscope. it would certently give you a direciton to go. Eventually Rin learns to access enough of her crest to get a message or something. Or maybe he had encoded the message into a sword for Shirou in his reality marbel It would give Shioru reason to leave the beach in his mind and test the woods to find his hill of swords.

Speculation aside I did enough this story and was surprised and sad to see that it has ended. Thanks for sharing it and I hope you get back to writing soon There are several of your stories that I would like to continue.

story idea skip if your uninterested. Shirou is currently playing host to the White wolf, but a quick peek at the wikia says that the Dread Knights god is a black wolf, I think... any way wouldn't it be cool if Shirou joined the dread knights got his vices to summon a demon while also having the hunters animal companion and he have two wolves one white and one black that he names after his swords... its more of an idea that would only work if he was working solo for a prolongued period of time, which means it wouldn't fit well in this story but you never know.
12/2/2020 c34 Rhin3y
I like this. a lot. this is a very entertaining read, and I will definitely be looking forward to future chapters, also, don't be too disheartened by what others say and focus on what you can do. happy writing
10/31/2020 c34 lessraya
Just found this story. I've never seen Grimgar before, but you really brought the world to life and it's really cool how you linked so many concepts to the Fate world. Thanks for sharing this.
10/23/2020 c34 4Ashleythetiger
Binge read the story, don't know if you'll ever come back to it, hope so, in any case thank's for writing it.
10/22/2020 c34 DetectivePhantom
Great story, I hope to see more in the future.
7/27/2020 c34 1Panjason
Hot damn I wish this fanfic was continuing. I’ma look for more Fate grimgar crossovers.
7/25/2020 c34 1Heaven's Thesis
I hope things improve for you. Thank you for writing. It's really cool how you begin characterizating the foes so early on to start hinting that something is wrong with Shirou. This really is a great work.
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